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YouTube is a free video sharing site and is a subsidiary of Google. This site has become the most popular site for sharing videos because it is easy to use and has been integrated with other Google sites or applications, especially Android-based phones. You can easily upload videos from your mobile directly to YouTube for free.

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For your videos to get a lot of views, you have to make your videos as attractive as possible. Choose topics that you really like and understand. Match topics discussed are often sought after by many people. Then, to ensure that your video appears in the search box, give it a title that contains the right keywords. It is also recommended that you upload interesting video thumbnails so that YouTube users have more potential to click on your videos. When people are interested in your videos, it’s possible they will check your channel. Therefore, for the final touch, put on a unique YouTube banner.


The importance of YouTube banner design

YouTube channel is not only effective for personal self-actualization purposes but also for interacting with the audience and informing your company. Today, YouTube has become a big part of content marketing. Videos and podcasts are becoming effective marketing tools because modern humans have a short attention span. Instead of reading blog posts, they prefer watching audiovisual content. YouTube Banner becomes part of your company’s brand. Make sure that the design is right so that the audience can immediately recognize that the YouTube channel that you manage is yours.

What SHOULD be in a YouTube banner design

1. Have the right resolution

YouTube issued guidelines for the Channel Art / YouTube Banner which stated that the size for the YouTube Banner was 2560 pixels wide by 1440 pixels tall (2560×1440). In addition to these measurements, you need to pay attention to other sizing requirements including the following:

  • have 2048×1152 minimum file dimensions
  • has a safe area for text and logos measuring 1546×423 pixels (note that larger images may be crossed for certain screens)
  • has a maximum width of 2560×423 pixels, meaning that the “safe area” is always visible despite its screen size
  • has a file size no more than 6MB

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2. Compatible for most devices

Still related to the first point, you must make sure your YouTube banner is compatible with various devices. Make sure the banner looks perfect when viewed from desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. YouTube banner templates that we curated have integrated this safe zones.

Youtube Banner in photoshop

3. Suitable with the vision and mission that your brand wants to build

YouTube Banner that you upload can actually design to your heart’s content. However, it’s good that the banner is able to easily identify the business or brand of the channel. If your YouTube banner is too ordinary, monotonous, or not catchy, the design may not be very effective. If your brand already has default fonts, logos, taglines, and colors, integrate these elements in your YouTube banner.

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4. Consider temporarily changing the YouTube banner if you are promoting an event, campaign, or product

You are advised to change the YouTube banner for a while when there is an event, campaign, or product promotion. However, this only applies to major events that you really want to create to attract the attention of the attendance. Apart from that, only use one YouTube banner to maintain consistency.


What SHOULD NOT be in a YouTube banner design

1. Using images with low resolution

YouTube banner templates that you use must accommodate high resolution image uploads according to YouTube guidelines. Do not let someone click on your banner and find out that the full size of the banner is so small that the image is blurry. By uploading images of the right size, your images will scale well on various screens including large screens.

Youtube Banner in psd design

2. YouTube banner templates with overwhelming and cluttered designs

A simple, clean, and neat design is always the best choice. Conversely, designs that are too complicated will actually make your brand unrecognizable.

Youtube Banner psd templates

3. No room for social sharing buttons and channel icons

On the lower right, there must be space to place social sharing buttons. Do not let your design makes this area difficult to recognize. You also have to “free up” the top left area where the channel icon will be occupied.

Youtube Banner templates for photoshopYoutube Banner psd templates

YouTube Banner Ideas

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