Being fired by the company you have worked for is such bad news. Moreover, if you are fired without any clear and specific reason, or if the reason for your unemployment is not your fault. But if the company accuses you of violating the company’s rule or anything that violates the law, so they fired you even though in fact, you did not do that. Then it will affect your reputation that will seem so bad, so to cope with that, you have to write a wrongful termination letter to your employer.

Artikel 128. Wrongful Termination Letter and Its Sample

What is The Wrongful Termination Letter?

A wrongful termination letter is a letter that is sent to the employer regarding your sudden unemployment caused by the wrong accusation toward you. It is okay to be fired if in fact, you violate the laws or the company’s rule. But how if you are fired by the wrong accusation? It is so bad because it will affect your reputation.

What Are The Tips to Write The Wrongful Termination Letter?

To write a proper, clear, and neatly organized termination letter, you can follow some tips that we provide here:

  • Even though you are angry and so emotional by the sudden unemployment of the company you have worked for, you should still use a polite choice of words and a positive tone
  • Use a polite salutation or opening sentence in the wrongful termination letter
  • You also have to write a letter in a formal way
  • Explain the real situation that happens to you and the company you have worked for, state the wrong accusation that the company do to you that caused you to be fired
  • Provide your contact information, so the recipient will call or mail you for further information and questions

The Sample of The Wrongful Termination Letter

If you are now looking for guidance or reference in writing the wrongful termination letter, you can take a look at this example that we provide for you.

This is the sample.

Dear Mr. Bonnington,

I was terminated from my position as Brand Administration at B&D Company on the grounds of insubordination, on February 23, 2019. I was fired without notice and escorted from the company’s workplace after a brief meeting with Joanna, the human resource manager. I was told the insubordination charged was based upon verbal abuse and violation of the company’s rule, and absent multiple times without notification. I received a termination letter that stated those incorrect accusations, which became the reason for my termination.

I have worked in B&D Company for over ten years. During that time I have proved my loyalty, hard-work, and integrity for the company, and also the innovations that I created for the company’s growth. Moreover, my supervisors and co-workers have never questioned my work ethic, but they complimented me on my positive attitude and hard work, including my manager, Jonash Edward.

I respectfully hope to receive a reply from you within two weeks of the date of this letter. I have build trust, integrity, and loyalty for over ten years in the company, and of course, I do not want my reputation will affect my future career in other workplaces. For further information and questions, you can call me at 4545-3434-888 or mail me at Thank you for your consideration and cooperation regarding my wrongful termination, I would like to hear from you soon.





Danny Hilton


That is all about the wrongful termination letter that can be used as a reference in composing the letter. Hopefully, your wrongful termination letter can get a quick response from the recipient and will get the best solution.



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