Work Breakdown Structure Template Formats

Work breakdown structure template is used to simply an order or project. It helps to organize the data to be collected in a good arrangement. This form can be used for company’s project’s, organization’s event, or personal’s order.

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To create this form, following the steps based on the types will help you to get the best sample that is suitable for you. As an addition, understanding about the structure and know how to put the data will help you to read through the work form better.

Types of Work Breakdown Structure Template

There are various types of this structure template. At least, you need to know the verb oriented model, noun oriented model, and the time phased design. Each of them point out the detail information with different form of design.

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Aside those three models, there are still a lot of design samples that you can follow. You may want to take a look to the organization design, the geographical design, cost -template and profit center model. Each of them also comes with different design.

The work breakdown structure sample format can be formed through tables or diagrams. The noun model can use the maps as illustration and use diagrams to explain more about the detail. The verbs model used verb to explain about the development, transfer, and design of the structure info.

The noun oriented more is used to define the terms of certain elements such as functional and physical elements in the project. Usually, this form will be used for module and many more. Next, the time phased model is used to explain about the project that takes a lot of time.

How to Create Work Breakdown Structure Design

Mostly, the simplest and the most popular design for WBS samples are created by diagrams. It is easier to use diagrams to explain about the information, the project section, or certain data in more detail.

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The diagram is also easy to breakdown into brief column. Each of the columns explains about the data that is related to the work. For example, if it is used college project then each of the members’ names that join the project is written in the list along with the job desk that they are responsible.

If the work design is used for company, then the list can add more specific information. As different company may apply different designs, you may want to take a look at more various samples at first. It will help you to get the wide picture frame of the project.

Usually, if the work structure is used for company, then the detail information of the company needs to be shown in the form. If it is created based on department then the name of the department also needs to be mentioned as well.

The details will be the name of the company, the address of the company, and the number phone, fax, and email of the company. Then, if the structure work is used for different department then mention it in the top left of the form. This is how you create work breakdown structure template.



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