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Work agreement template is a document which tells that 2 parties agree on specific matters related to work. It is made by a company. Therefore, they know that an employer agrees with the terms & conditions bound for employment. Now, let’s see the further discussion in this article below.

Consultant Work Agreement Template


How to Write a Work Agreement Template

There are some details that you will have to provide in a work contract template. The first is work schedule. It is the applicant’s work schedule that he or she should accept after being the company’s employee. It should be discussed appropriately & have the following information.

Work schedule should contain the numbers of days the employee has to work in a week. Besides, it should also include the numbers of working hours the employee should render on a daily basis. Then, the numbers of hours of the break time as well as how they may be used should also be included.

Still related to the work schedule, you will also need to include the employee’s daily schedule. One more thing, you cannot forget including the shifting procedure in the operations & business process. After you include it all, now you can continue for the next part that is to provide job description.

Job description is the most essential so that the applicant understands his or her job desk after the employment. There are some items to be included in this part. It usually starts with the job position or job title that will be given.

Then, there are still some other details to be provided related to job description. They include the detailed info on the employee’s job function, other tasks the employee may need to do, and also the company’s or department’s nature where the applicant will be assigned.

The next part of a work agreement form is for salary & compensation. They are the amount of money the employee will receive from doing his or her job. In relation to the salary & compensation, there are some items to include. You must include the base salary received per month.

Besides, it also relates to the ways & dates on how it will be given. Then, it also relates to the allowance you must have in a period of time. In addition, bonuses the company will give and the appraisals you may get depending on the performance & loyalty also belong to this part.

Another part of the agreement is nature of work. It is very important to let the potential employee know everything related to the work, company & team where she or he will be assigned. The knowledge about nature of work will give the applicant understanding how her or his career will go forward.

Contract Work Agreement Template

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At the end, you may need to review the work agreement template wholly to make sure that there is no error or mistake. After you are sure that everything is right, you can print it out now and then let both parties to sign it off.

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