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White paper is a term used to refer to a report from an authority or guidance guidance on a complex issue concisely. This term is used in government, business-to-business (B2B) marketing, and so on.

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When it comes to B2B marketing, white papers are a powerful resource for determining their decision-making process. According to an uplandsoftware article, as many as 78% of B2B buyers use white papers as a place to get information about the products they ultimately buy. Only about 28% said interactive presentation was part of their consideration. However, making white papers is not an easy job. Your company budget may be allocated mainly to other sections. Therefore, we help you by providing white paper templates that are easy to modify according to your needs.

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Here is a step-by-step process for making a white paper

  • Make sure to make the white paper your top priority. After you ascertain the strategic importance, you can continue the steps to execute the strategy.
  • Execute the steps to make the next white paper by starting to add assets to the white paper you are making. Start by placing the company logo in the header of your white paper.
  • Then, enter and design an easy-to-read title page; put the document title, companies and/or analysts who researched the white paper document, document published date, and white papers’s authors. Use standard fonts that are easy to read, such as Helvetica for example.
  • Your white paper must have consistency in writing. The easy way, identify header 1, header 2, and subsections. This will make it easier for readers to understand the information conveyed even at a glance. It also makes it easier for authors of white papers to enter information more quickly.
  • Don’t put all the information on one page if it has to stand alone. Pages that are usually full are key takeaways.
  • Use a simple color palette so that your key thoughts are easy to understand. Use colors that reflect your company structure; for example, if your company logo is dark blue, the color palette should also be a matching color. Or, you can also use a more vibrant color. However, avoid using red because it is often associated with a section that needs editing.
  • Place definite ideas on one page on a white page. Thus, other departments, for example sales, can use these one-pagers as an easy reference for prospective buyers.
  • Make sure the white page you create is consistent. The trick, only use two types of font families for headings and paragraphs. Then, only use a color palette that is made up of very few colors.

white paper psd templates

Types of White Paper Templates

The design of your white paper is critical to determining your success. Before moving on to templates, first determine the type of commercial white papers that you want to make; whether it’s Backgrounder, Numbered List, or Problem / Solution.

  • The description of technical or business benefits of offering a particular vendor’s product, service, or methodology is called backgrounder. White papers of this type would be best served as a supplement to a product release or to support a technical evaluation of a sales funnel.
  • Then, there is a white paper of the numbered list type. This white paper presents a group of points, tips, or questions related to a business issue being discussed.
  • Finally, there is a white paper that recommends a new or improved solution to a business problem. This type of white paper can be used to build trust and credibility regarding the subject with stakeholders.

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White Paper Design Ideas

white paper psd templates

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White Paper Ideas

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White Paper Example

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