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You must be very familiar with what a calendar is, right? A calendar is a table that shows days, weeks, and months of a year. The calendar also provides information on annual events for the year. Calendars that contain important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data, and are usually published annually with information about events that occur in that year, are called almanacs. Meanwhile, a calendar that contains information and lists of important events in previous years, especially in certain fields of study, is called a yearbook. The term yearbook is also used to refer to a book containing photographs of classes graduating in that year, along with a number of documentation of activities undertaken during the senior classes attending school or studying there.

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Although now the function of the printed calendar is slightly displaced by the digital calendar and digital reminders, there are still many people who still need a printed calendar to be displayed in their workspaces, family rooms, classrooms, or their bedrooms. The printed calendar can be a daily calendar, weekly calendar, or yearly calendar. All types of calendars have their respective advantages depending on the needs of people who use it.

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To help you plan and manage activities throughout the week, use the weekly calendar. This is more practical than using spreadsheets or agendas. Weekly calendar can be integrated into the weekly planner. You need a good printable weekly calendar template that can help you plan your activities for the week.


What SHOULD be in weekly calendar template

1. Determine the style of the weekly calendar template that you will use first

So that the template you use fits your needs, first pay attention to the type of activity you will be working on. If the activity only takes a week, use the free printable 1-week calendar template. If more than a week, you can use a template that allows you to map more than one week, for example free printable 3-week calendar template.

2. Pick a weekly calendar template which includes common holidays and events suitable in your region

Each country and even each region has different events and holidays. So, take a weekly calendar template that accommodates national holidays and events in your area.

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3. Choose a calendar format that suits your daily activities

There are two main types of weekly calendars, namely horizontal weekly format and vertical weekly format. The first format is the basic format and has space for writing notes. Meanwhile, vertical type prioritizes time over activity type.


What SHOULD NOT be in a weekly calendar template

1. Checklist

You might think it is efficient to have a weekly calendar as well as a checklist. Apparently not so, the checklist is intended to be scribbled when the agenda in the list is completed. Don’t let the checklist make your calendar mess with mundane tasks.

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2. Too many notes

Indeed, writing short notes on a calendar helps you remember important agendas. However, templates that allow you to write too many notes are actually not effective in use.

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