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Marriage is a once in a lifetime event that needs to be planned carefully and carefully. For this reason, the wedding timeline is vital. All the minutes and even seconds in planning the wedding party are vital. Don’t let all the planned events be late because it can mess up the entire wedding procession and make the invited guests annoyed.

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In creating a wedding timeline, you must remember that each couple’s wedding is different, unique, and depends on the family and building provider vendors. Therefore, make sure that you create a wedding timeline from scratch, always discuss it with your prospective bride and groom. Even though every wedding timeline is unique, there are some general tips you can use to create a successful wedding timeline.


Pay attention to the logistics of the wedding party

When creating your wedding timeline, make sure that you have thought about the following:

  • Do you prepare yourself (make-up and wear your wedding dress) at the wedding venue or other places such as your home or hotel?
  • Are weddings and receptions held in separate locations? If so, how long will it take to reach both locations?
  • Do you need to provide transportation for family and guests?
  • Are you planning to hold a photo session before the wedding? Or do you want to do a group photo session after the wedding procession?
  • How long will the wedding ceremony last? Contact the event organizer to find out.
  • Does your wedding have a curfew? If so, what time should the party be over? Your wedding procession will be stricter if there is a curfew to adhere to.
  • Are you the host of the after-party?

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Take advantage of wedding timeline templates as your inspiration

Every wedding is unique so 100% copy and paste of wedding timeline templates is highly discouraged. There are many things that are special about your wedding that no one else will. Even so, you can use these wedding timeline templates as your inspiration or general guidelines. We also provide free wedding timeline templates that you can download and modify.

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After choosing a template that closely resembles your wedding party plan, download it and open it using a suitable computer application, for example word, excel, power point, or Photoshop. Then, make a list of all the events that took place before and after the wedding. Determine how long these activities will last. Then, organize your agenda according to the time available.

Discuss with wedding planners

People who are experts in holding wedding parties, such as wedding planners and venue event managers, will really help you to validate the wedding timeline whether it is feasible or not. Also talk to other vendors involved in the wedding.

wedding timeline psd templates

Don’t forget the specifics

Take time for details that you might forget on your wedding timeline such as when you and the other wedding party members have breakfast, when you and your partner sign the marriage license, and so on. Add at least 15 minutes of time to anticipate unexpected events such as traffic jams or delays.

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Distribute the wedding agenda to the people concerned no later than a week before the party

When the wedding day arrives, your wedding planner or event manager is the person who takes care of your wedding timeline, and makes sure the party goes smoothly.

wedding timeline in photoshop

Wedding Timeline Design Ideas

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Wedding Timeline Ideas

wedding timeline psd templates

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