Water Bottle Label Templates

Today, the need for bottled mineral water is still high considering that water is the primary need of all humans. Bottled mineral water is a practical solution to meet the need for drinking water at any time, especially when you are traveling and need supplies that are practical to carry.

water bottle label in psd design

You can easily find bottled mineral water in shops, restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores. Therefore, business opportunities to sell bottled mineral water remain high even though there are many competitors in the market. Well, in addition to the composition and quality of bottled mineral water, you also need to display a water bottle label that is attractive to potential buyers.

An attractive water bottle label design is no less important than the contents of the water bottle label itself. So, what exactly is the information that should be included in a water bottle label?

water bottle label psd templates

Why should there be a water bottle label?

Water bottle is defined as a container used to contain water, liquids, or other drinks. The water in the water bottle must be suitable for consumption. Water bottle materials are usually made of glass, metal, or plastic. Because the contents are consumed, water bottles must have criteria that are safe for humans. In this case, water bottle labels can be confused with food labels.

Reasons why water bottle labels are important:

  • help protect public safety and health by publishing information and precautionary statements
  • notify the ingredients of the water bottle making materials that might trigger someone’s allergies
  • tells how to use and store the water bottles
  • provide contact with the manufacturer of the water bottle maker if you have additional questions

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What should be included in the water bottle label?

  • a description of the name of the drink listed on it
  • net weight or volume, the amount of drink without the packaging
  • the composition list includes additives if any
  • date mark: shows the expiration date of the product; the product is no longer fit for consumption if it has passed the written date
  • information panel regarding the nutrients contained in bottled water
  • allergy warning: also called an allergy declaration, this label is important for those who have allergies to certain foods or materials, usually in bold
  • name and address of the manufacturer, distributor or importer of water bottles
  • the country of origin of the water bottle: this information identifies the country in which the water bottles and bottled water are made
  • storage instructions: For best quality and safe consumption, you should follow the written instructions for storing and consuming bottled water
  • batch number: batch number information is needed if there are errors, problems, or complaints submitted to manufacturers so that they can recall the products

You can design your own water bottle label with the templates we have provided below.

water bottle label templates psd

Example of Free Water Bottle Label Templates

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Water Bottle Label Templates Design Ideas

water bottle label psd templates water bottle label customizable psd design templates

Water Bottle Label Templates Ideas

water bottle label example psd design water bottle label in photoshop water bottle label in photoshop

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