Warehouse Operations Manager job description determine the products handling, storage requirements, receiving products, equipment utilization, inventory management, and shipping in the warehouse based on the procedures and policies. This position also needs to have the capability to do business evaluations, developments, and implementation.

Juan Rodriguez

1990 Sight Long Street, Missoula, MT, 59632, Phone: +1 (406) 994-4887



                                                Missoula, MT

                                                06/2017 – present

  • Handle the overall operations of the warehouse and have long experienced in the subjects as seen in the Warehouse operations manager resume sample
  • Can analyze, arrange, and set the supply chain products and cost for the warehouse
  • Have capability to develop the warehouse operations and build connection with wide area and supply projects
  • Can coordinate with the Supply Chain Resource and other departments
  • Can improve the work coordination with the other team in the inventory level and turns
  • Can develop the SOPs and make sure that it runs well
  • Capable to set and achieve the targets and goals of the warehouse business
  • Have deep understanding about warehouse managements, procedures, and practices
  • Can operate the works and procedures under KPIs or Key Performance Indicators
  • Create the warehouse business planning, deals, and operations



Seattle, WA

10/2010 – 05/2017

  • Handle the inventory and it adjustments, improve the inventory load, and check out the accuracy of the inventory location
  • Lead the team, create training schedules and programs, and capable to coach them
  • Capable to giving training, develop the performance and create the activities under CIP or Continuous Improvement Plan
  • Work with various operations, and understand about the inventory strategy and plan
  • Capable to think quick and decide the best options of the inventory loading and the products inventory
  • Capable to work with PDC supervisor and handle the warehouse process
  • Capable to develop the system strategy and manage the inventory as well as the target
  • Can maintain the process of all the business targets units
  • Can implement the improvement process of the customers service for best warehouse experience



Vancouver, WA

04/2008 – 08/2010

  • Have great ability to manage the process of the warehouse and stock-sale
  • Can build teamwork with team effectively
  • Understand about data entry management, data processing skills, and data entry
  • Can do reporting data and have great skills about it
  • Have ability to do accurate analysis
  • Gather and collect the information and analysis
  • Work with detail oriented and have responsible to provide the warehouse management
  • Can provide the direction, show performance, and develop the management business in the company
  • Can handle the issues and can give right solutions for it
  • Understand about warehouse operations including handling the refusals, the assignment, and others



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Logistic Management Program



  • Have great communication skills and have ability in the computer system
  • Understand about SAP system and have knowledge about ET-2000
  • Capable to create communication, finding and giving recommendation
  • Have great ability to build business and understand about business knowledge
  • Capable to translate the procedures and do the working processes
  • Have acknowledge about Computer system, applications, and Microsoft Excel
  • Have great basic knowledge about manufacturing and warehousing process
  • Understand about stocking system, stock control, and know how to operate it
  • Knowledge about DC staff and can supervise it
  • Understand about SAP, IMS, and others
  • Can do multi task and capable to create good teamwork
  • Can build relations and connect communications to clients, providers, and company
  • Have great interpersonal skills


Warehouse Operations Manager Resume Sample

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