How to Write a Volunteer Agreement Step by Step

Volunteer agreement is an agreement which is made between an organization and a volunteer. This agreement is needed when a volunteer gives some money, goods or services to the organization honestly without hoping any return. Now, let’s see the discussion about this agreement further.

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Step by Step How to Write a Volunteer Agreement

A volunteer agreement template is usually started with the name both parties. They are the organization and the volunteer. Here, you also need to state that the volunteer is going to donate their time, their services, some goods, or anything else to the mentioned organization.

After both parties are identified, this agreement should state the services provided. As it is mentioned above, it can be anything. You may need to list the services or goods provided. If it is in form of money, the exact amount of money should be stated in the agreement, too.

Then, you are also required to include wages. In this part, it must be stated clearly that the volunteer knows & understands that the services provided become a donation and he or she will not expect any wage, salary or benefit from the donated organization for the services dedicated.

The next element or part that must be provided in this agreement is supervision. In this section, the volunteer needs to report to the supervisor every day that the services are provided for the instruction & guidance. In this case, the volunteer will not be considered as an employee & will not get benefits.

In writing a volunteer agreement form, you should also dedicate an employment section. In this part, you have to state that the volunteer understands that they are not considered as an employee of the group or organization. Besides, the organization knows that the volunteer provides services at free will.

Liability is the next element to be included in this agreement. Here, the volunteer agrees that he or she indemnifies & holds the organization harmless against damages that relate to the activities of the volunteer and vice versa. This must be stated clearly with easy & understandable sentences.

Next, it is also important to provide jurisdiction. The legal proceedings that arise from this agreement will remain in the organization’s jurisdiction. In this case, you must know that the volunteer agrees that they will cooperate with the organization & as the agent of the organization in the legal proceedings.

You also cannot forget providing the terms of the agreement. In this section, you should state the date the project will begin and the date the project will end. Besides, it also states that the volunteer agrees to provide the specified time during the term of the volunteer agreement.

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The last part of a volunteer agreement must be termination. Since the volunteer is not an employee, they can terminate the agreement anytime with any reason if needed. Besides, the organization can reject to accept the time of the volunteer & terminate it without any prior notification at all.

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