Video production assistant resume sample job description is to assist producers and senior producers for variety of things, like program development, creative and editorial direction, and such. However, his job would cover assisting the clients on all sorts of things too. One has to coordinate with them on projects and schedule meetings, video filming in various locations, and collaboration with their personnel as well.

Glen Cassaro

8009 Brianne Village, Los Angeles, CA, Phone: +1 (555) 807 3447


                                                New York, NY

                                                12/2016 – present

  • Find solutions for every problem and be proactive to deal with them
  • Make some scouts of location to find the best place for the filming
  • Take care of budgets and budgeting needed for the production
  • Work in the kind of environment with energetic atmosphere
  • Make choice of the crew, including assistants, gaffers, catering, and PA’s
  • Determine option of the stylists, hair, makeup, designers, and studios
  • Make the call sheets for the need of photo/video production


Houston, TX

04/2013 – 11/2016

  • Maintain and keep all paperwork organized, including the talent and location forms, SAG forms, and the kind
  • Take care of the management of project files for variety of projects, like Video, EPK, B-Roll, and DVD
  • Manage the said project files for other assigned projects other than the Video, EPK, B-Roll, and even other projects assigned
  • Submit and deliver the music videos timely to the broadcast networks
  • Pick up calls, answer them, and maintain the calendars for meetings or other necessities to help the clients
  • Manage the timesheet for the department of the company while do so for the clients
  • Organize the ticket buys and submit them for the department of the company.


Philadelphia, PA

09/2007 – 01/2013

  • Provide assistance to the producers and studio team of story production in daily basis with it being based on specialization
  • Suggest new stories for news production every day to make interesting content people can learn about
  • Work independently or as a team to produce the videos right from the start through the end of the process
  • Maintain good relationship with the others, including the members, Editorial HR, Finance, as well as Commercial and Marketing
  • Support media initiatives by giving a hand in drafting and refining many things, like the training concepts, storyboards, scripts, and shot lists
  • Ensure that each of the video teams has central production schedule to stick to and follow
  • Make digital content publishing to the Learning Management System as well as online video library


                                                Video Production Bachelor’s Degree


  • Multitasking capability to manage more than one project in various phases at the same time while still meeting the tight deadlines
  • Excellent skills in operating camera with knowledge of using the camera kind itself, like Sony HD Cams, GoPros, and DSLRs.
  • Creativity in video editing capabilities and proficiency in the use of Adobe Premiere and After Effects, Adobe Speed Grad CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, and Flash editing
  • Good capability to do on-location and in-studio production while having familiarity in audio engineering
  • Ample knowledge of things, like news, local sports, and music
  • Great ability to manage and adapt oneself in unpredictable and even unexpected situations
  • Ability and knowledge of doing digital content publishing on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and others of the kind
  • Good skills in organization and communication while keep positive attitude
  • All prepared and ready to keep up with active broadcasts on both video and radio for great length of time.


Video Production Assistant Resume Sample

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