When people get back from their military duty, some of them experiencing hard and rough times in the war that affect their body system and their mental health. Doing any other job while become a civilian is also not easy for them if their body or their mental health is no longer work properly. So, they convey the disability claim to the government. Unfortunately, sometimes the process is not always going smoothly, and their disability claim is denied by the government. Thus, in responding to that situation, you probably need to do the next step, which is writing a VA appeal letter.

Artikel 80. VA Appeal Letter and The Sample

What Is The VA Appeal Letter?

A Veteran Affairs appeal letter is a written document that is sent to the government to convey the veteran’s disability claim that is denied. Not all veteran disabilities are accepted, and sometimes some of them are denied. So, to appeal your disability claim, you should write a VA appeal letter.

What are The Tips for Writing VA Appeal Letter?

To write the VA appeal letter properly, neatly, and organized, there are some tips that you can follow here:

  • Be straight to the point in explaining your intention in writing the letter
  • Keep it simple and concise, just write the important point in the letter
  • Use formal and readable words, so the letter can be easily understood by the reader
  • Explain the disability you are appealing the letter

The Sample of VA Appeal Letter

If you are looking for an idea to compose or draft a VA appeal letter, you can see an example that we provide here, so you can use it as a reference.

This is the sample

Dear Ms. Clayton,

I am writing this VA letter to you in response to the VA’s decision regarding my disability claim request. In 2015, I did three tours in Palestine and was numerously wounded. Two years later, I was sent home by my command. I was a survivor of two out of seven soldiers during a rocket attack. Three of my companions have died in front of me, luckily there was a car passed in front of me, thus I was safe, but my arm was being shot.

I have struggled mentally and physically after back home and being a civilian. It is so hard for me to live as usual and do anything normally. After so many hard times that I experienced during military duty, everything has changed, even my physical and mental. I even attempt to get a job but end up losing it due to my mental health. Now I experienced some traumatic events, such as being sensitive to sudden noise that will surprise me a lot, it also makes me tremble and scared whenever hearing loud and sudden noise that similar to an explosion. My friends and relatives know that I am experiencing PTSD and cannot live normally as usual. So I ask you in the VA department to reconsider your decision, and I also input my medical record regarding my disability. Thank you.

Best Regards,


Samuel Johnson

That is all about the VA appeal letter that may help you in composing and drafting your appeal to the VA department regarding your disability after coming back from the military. The letter should be written clearly and explaining your disability and the reason in detail.




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