University recruiter resume sample will help you to make a good resume as the first document that you need to write. As we know, a resume is an important document that the candidate should write and send to the employer in order to join with them in the specific position.

Through the resume, the candidate is able to show who they are. Then, the resume also could be the tool to show the skills, achievement and experiences of the candidate. By showing these matters, the candidate could be seen as the potential candidate who the employer needs.

In this occasion, we will show you the simple sample of it as the consideration before you are starting writing the resume.

Sample of University Recruiter Resume

Theo Muller

8716 O’Conner Plains, Oklahoma, MA. Phone: +1 (555) 876 6219


Senior University Recruiter

09/2015 – present

  • Providing data-inspired recommendation in order to guide the decision maker in order to relate with the strategies of the UR recruiting and the goals
  • Managing the referral pipeline proactively
  • Demonstrating the craft
  • Sharing the success stories in order to hire the outcomes around the universities through the various sources, such as from online, career service and the kinds of events
  • Champion the students in diversity.
  • Ensuring that the students are the top of the candidate
  • Planning, coordinating, executing and reporting the result of the program of UR and initiating including the diversity conferences and events
  • Consistent record of getting the high level sources and candidate for the UR students

Technical University Recruiter

Detroit, MI

07/2009 – 05/2014

  • Working with the recruiting team member to implement, develop and execute the strategies of hiring for the multiple requisitions
  • Assisting with the placement team, performance evaluations and social events for the member of UR team
  • Involvement the campus strategies from the development to execution consistently
  • Broad knowledge about the language programming, the technologies of web, the process of software development and emerging technologies
  • Drive the process of recruiting and providing timely, responsive follow up for the both candidates and hiring teams
  • Planning and executing the event of recruiting in campus with the effort to build and maintain the relationship with the key university and the organization of students

University Recruiter

Philadelphia, PA

03/2006 – 04/2009

  • Capturing and reporting intern feedback and providing recommendations to the HR and manager.
  • Providing the recommendation for the result of presentation
  • Managing and tracking the all candidate and the information of campus, consolidating and analyzing the result and making the recommendations for the improvements
  • Working with the member of recruiting teams in order to develop the implement and executing the strategies of hiring
  • Establishing the media math alumni network in order to remain in contact
  • Building the referral network with the former employees
  • Working with the recruiting team in order to develop, to implement and to execute the hiring strategies across the technical teams


The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources


  • Able to work independently with the high ability to influence without any authority
  • Strong influencing skills and collaboration
  • Ability to work with the different levels of the organization
  • Strong organizational skill
  • Proficiency with the Google Docs and OSX
  • Excellent in skills of communication
  • Ability to learn the all aspects of the life cycle recruiting
  • Ability to provide the impeccable candidate experience coming from the initial contact to the first day

University Recruiter Resume Sample

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