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Sometimes, you need to create a unit circle chart. Circle chart is also well known as pie chart. It is a circle that is divided into some parts. This circle chart is often used in different purposes. Anyway, it is important to know how to make it.

How to Make a Unit Circle Chart

Unit pie chart can be made easily using Ms. Excel. There are some steps that you need to follow. First of all, you have to choose the range of data. For example, you choose cell A1:B5. The range of data should be made depending on the data you want to include in the circle chart.

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After you choose the data range, you can continue to the next step. Now, what you need to do is to enter the Insert tab. In the Insert tab, choose group Charts and then click Pie. There will be many options of circle chart shape and you can your desired one.

You can change the style of chart. To change the chart style, you can do it easily. Just click Design tab on the Chart Tools. On the Chart Styles group, click More button and then choose the style of circle chart you want.

Now, you should adjust the chart layout. In this step, you should click Chart Tools and choose Design tab, then Chart Layouts group, then More and the finally choose your desired layout. In fact, there are some options available you can choose.

It will be better if you make a 3D unit circle chart. To set 3D format, you should click Chart Tools, and choose Layout tab, then Background group and lastly click 3-D Rotation. With 3D format, your circle chart will look much more interesting.

Next, you should setup the background of circle chart to make it more attractive. To set it up, you should choose Soft Round for the Bevel (Top and Bottom). For example, the width is 20.5 pt and the height is 4 pt for the top whereas the bottom is set with width 6 pt and height 6 pt, too.

You also need to set up 3-D Rotation to make a convex surface on the chart. Here, you should setup the degrees on Rotation including X, Y and Perspective. For the Chart Scale, you should set up the Depth and Height. You can also consider Right Angle Axes or Autoscale if you want.

Changing the color will make your circle chart better and easier to read. Here, you should choose one part of the chart you want to change the color by double clicking. On the Format tab, choose Shape Style group and click Shape Fill and you can choose your desired color.

Last, you can finish it by changing the background color on the chart. Start from Format tab, choose Shape Styles and click Shape Fill then choose your desired color. Now, you can see the final result of unit circle chart. Hopefully this will be helpful and useful.


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