In a competitive world of life, some of us thrive to be the best than the others. We do our work the very finest as we can to achieve. There are no questions to that. However, at some point, there will be a finding at our head that it is time for us to move to another job that best suited our needs.  Just be on point when you decide to do so that you will get the unemployment benefits eventually. If by any chance, you get overpaid from your unemployment benefits, you might want to file an unemployment overpayment appeal to avoid any unwanted downfall.

52.Unemployment Overpayment Appeal

What is Unemployment Overpayment Appeal?

An Unemployment overpayment appeal is an action where you disagree with the decision unveiled by the authority of the company. This appeal should be undergone right away as soon as you achieve the notice. This happening might occur ranging from a technical mistake from a company, or you failed in disclosing actual information or handing over a false claim. If you believe you do not deserve overpayment because you do not harm any factuality you have given, you do not need to worry.

By god blessing, If you lose all unemployment overpayment appeal you file against the company, and that you are confirmed an unemployment overpayment fraud by giving a false claim, you will have to repay the benefits you receive in double plus the interest that comes along with it. These are the worst nightmare that you will not want to have. To worsen the atmosphere, you might end up in jail if the company sees you as valid for it.

How do I Write a Promising Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter?

The format of the unemployment overpayment appeal letter should be wrapped in a short and precise way of writing. It should include your name, date, and the reason why you are unable to repay the overpayment. Make sure to enlist any piece of evidence that will prove your innocence in receiving the overpayment.

The Sample of Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter?

it is worth taking your time in preparing the elements for the content of the letter. You can have a look at the below sample to understand the structure even more.

Dear Mr. Birmingham

On the 24th of July, 2020 I took a mail from my post mail which includes a notice telling me that I am to return any unemployment benefits I received. I also know that the boss of my ex-company has won the appeal filed to the state labor department claiming that I did not deserve the benefits as I gave false information in receiving my unemployment benefits.

I hereby state that the acquisition is wrongly placed and it places no eligibility in supporting my ex-employer in winning the appeal. I resigned due to the reason of being abusively treated by my former co-workers in terms of physical and verbal. At that moment, the state labor department comes to terms with my condition and evidence and decided to pay my benefits.

I can still try to provide my available witnesses to back up this appeal should you find the previous one is not enough to win over my former employer’s appeal. Please, reconsider your decision as I have no other means of repaying the benefits.

Thank you for your effort and time

Sincerely Yours,


Mr. James

The information above should be delinquent in supporting every case relating to overpayment.

An unemployment overpayment letter shares a proper functionality should you desire justice on your unemployment benefits.



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