It is well justified that every employee has its rightful place to earn their unemployment benefit. By doing their work to their heart content, they deserve to get it. However, when they are about to leave their work position, there are some cases in which they are disqualified to achieve their unemployment benefits. This unemployment disqualification problem can be varied into several circumstances and should be solved effective immediately if it is worth your time.

21.Appeal for Unemployment Disqualification

What is Unemployment Disqualification?

Unemployment disqualification is a condition where employees do not deserve an unemployment benefit due to their reason for leaving is not for a good cause, or their misconduct to the company they are working at. On the other hand, they still have their right to go for an appeal so that they can earn their rightful advantages. If they have done nothing wrong to valid their disqualification, it truly is worth fighting for.

What are the Odds of Appealing for Unemployment Disqualification?

Often time, employers have the most successful rate of winning Unemployment disqualification over the employee because they have a professional representation. Having said that, employees are also eligible to represent themselves with an attorney so that they can fight at the hearing. The odds of that may be 50 – 50, but it can be merit if it matches your reason.

How to Write an Unemployment Disqualification Letter?

  • Firstly, you need to state your full name
  • Next, write down your full address
  • After that, you can put your phone number
  • Include your social security number
  • Put in the name and mailing address of any representative
  • Your reason for appealing
  • Make sure to write the date of the decision

The Sample of Unemployment Disqualification Letter

When you are prepared to appeal for unemployment disqualification, you need to pay attention thoroughly to every detail and instruction given to you by the state. Make sure to point out your reason and cases point-by-point in order to make you qualified for unemployment benefit. Below is a sample for you.

Dear Mr. Jonathan


Good Morning,

I am writing this in response to your denial of my unemployment benefits for which you replied that I could obtain the benefits If I can provide additional evidence on my case.

I was an employee on a fintech start-up company in Jakarta and stationed at ux designer.  I started this job in 2014 to 2019.

On 15th July, I was wrongly accused of the possession of marijuana in my backpack at my work office room. I truly believed that I had no such thing as that forbidden object. Without my knowledge, the stuff was already in my backpack by the time I came back from a meeting with executive board.

I believe there is a perpetrator who tries to label me as a savage and a criminal, and I want to find them as much as my company does that has achieved a great downfall on their revenue due to this unfortunate event.

I have two witnesses – graig, my co-worker, and john, my product manager – and a CCTV record. Those 2 evidences should be more than enough to clear my name and qualify me for unemployment benefit.

Thank you for consideration.

Best regards,


Mike Curry


That is all the information regarding unemployment disqualification letter. By knowing the detail of it, you can make use of the information for your appeal.

It truly is worth your time to appeal for unemployment disqualification as it gives you your rightful privilege



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