When you are unemployed due to some reasons, moreover if the cause of your employment is not your fault, but your unemployment compensation benefit is denied by the company, you probably wonder why it is happening so you need to write an unemployment appeal letter.

Artikel 126. Unemployment Appeal Letter and Its Sample

What is The Unemployment Appeal Letter?

An unemployment appeal letter is a formal document that you write when your claim for the unemployment compensation benefit is denied by the state agency or the past company you have worked. So in the letter, you state your argument that the agency was incorrect and you deserve that unemployment compensation benefit.

What Should be Included in The Unemployment Appeal Letter?

There are main points that you should input in writing the unemployment appeal letter, so your letter will be easily understood by the recipient, and hopefully, the agency will grant your appeal for the unemployment compensation benefit. Here they are:

  • Write your intention in writing a letter, which is to appeal the unemployment compensation benefit
  • Explain your detailed reason about why the agency is incorrect and why you deserve that unemployment compensation benefit, make sure that the reason for unemployment is not your fault, so there is still a green light that the agency will grant it.
  • Provide your contact information, so the agency will contact you for further information, whether or not they need more information about your unemployment, or to inform you when they decide to deny or grant your appeal
  • Do not forget to say thank you, and write the letter properly and politely

How is The Sample To Write A Good Unemployment Appeal Letter?

If you need a reference or guidance in writing an unemployment appeal letter, you can take a look at this example that probably can help you in drafting an unemployment appeal letter, so the recipient will grant your appeal.

This is the sample.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

My name is Jessica Brown, and I am appealing the decision of the denial of compensation benefit by the State Employment Board officer, Barley Smith, on May 21, 2019. I wish to appeal the decision because I believe that the State Employment Board unjustly denied my unemployment benefits.

I was relieved of my duties as customer service with JSB Company on April 23, 2019. the office administrator, Mr. Edward Silberman, stated that due to the Coronavirus that make the economic situation in the company decrease drastically, there was no longer sufficient work for me and that my position was being terminated. But the agency stated that I was being fired by JSB Company because I absent from my work multiple times without a clear reason. This is a false accusation, and I have filed the document to prove this.

I respectfully request if you would reconsider the denial of my unemployment benefits as soon as possible, and I have included the document to prove that the agency decision was incorrect, and I deserve the unemployment compensation benefit. If you need further information about this matter, please contact me at any time at 343-3433-8888. Thank you so much for your consideration, I would like to hear from you soon.





Jessica Brown


That is all about the unemployment appeal letter that might help you in composing the letter to prove your claim about the unemployment compensation benefit. You should write the points in the letter clearly, so hopefully, the agency will grant your appeal.





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