UI developer resume sample can be the reference for those who want to get a new job as a UI developer. As we know, in working field, the resume will be the first requirement to be sent as the consideration of the recruiter to recruit new employee. By using a resume, a candidate will be able to show their personal identity, so the recruiter will know who they are. In other hand, the resume will be able to show the skills, experiences and achievement of the candidate to be claimed as the potential one. Well, in this occasion, we will talk about the sample of the resume. By seeing the sample of it, of course making resume will be easier to do and you will know what to include inside it.

Sample of UI Developer Resume

Mandy Velasco

9812 Rowe Unions, Houston, TX. Phone: +1 (555) 891 7712


UI Developer Lead

Phoenix, AZ

05/2016 – present

  • Mentoring the technical development of the team on the optimal utilization of the framework of UI and solution and the software of apache open source
  • Keeping abreast with the latest development in the technologies of web
  • Sharing knowledge with the team
  • Ensuring the excellent practices are utilized in delivering the management of UI and the solution of integration
  • Leading, mentoring and coaching a team of the developers of software
  • Producing the development of the specification of UI component
  • Ensuring the decision of design that can be actioner by the development of the team
  • Working with the business and peers to estimate, define and deliver functionally

UX/UI Developer

Boston, MA

11/2011 – 12/2015

  • Providing the design support during the development and the execution
  • Assisting with the QA in order to ensure the design
  • Working closely with the development teams in order to ensure that the specifications of design are implemented
  • Developing, extending and maintaining the user interface (UI) component library and the framework of front-end
  • Collaborating with the developers to implement the solution
  • Resolving the problem and performing the reviews of code
  • Working with the stakeholder following the process of Agile scrum software development
  • Working both independently and collaboratively with the front and the back end development team on the multiple project
  • Working with the architects and engineers in continuous the initiative of improvement

UI Developer

San Francisco, CA

10/2004 – 07/2011

  • Assisting the lead developer and/or developers in analysis
  • Applies the significant knowledge of the trends of industry
  • Developing the quality and performance
  • Working with the manager to design, architect and implement the platform manager UI
  • Working closely with the other developer of US as well as mid-tier and backend developers to deliver front end code
  • Working with other front end developer in order to define the best practice


Strayed University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science



  • Experience of the working on highly scalable
  • Ability to create the production quality of CSS, SASS and HTML
  • Excellent knowledge of CSS and semantic HTML
  • Excellent knowledge of responsive website development
  • Design and develop the solutions
  • Strong knowledge of build
  • Good communication skills in both written and verbal
  • a believer in testability, code quality and reliability

UI Developer Resume Sample

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