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Twitter allows you to improve your experience using these social media platforms by changing your profile photo and background. This can certainly increase your influence from being noticed by other users on the same platform. For this reason, having a profile photo and Twitter banner should not be done casually. In this case, an impressive Twitter background can increase the likelihood of your brand being noticed on Twitterverse.

Banner Twitter psd templates

Use the Twitter Banner Templates on this site to brainstorm ideas for your Twitter banner. In fact, you can directly download, modify, and upload your Twitter banner to your personal profile. You can use all the templates we provide for various purposes, be it personal branding, professional branding or company branding. People are competing to promote themselves through their social media profiles, including Twitter. You too can use this hype to promote your services, products and expertise. You can reveal your strengths, passions, interests, and profession on Twitter Cover Templates.

Banner Twitter psd

As a business person, Twitter is a profitable social media for self-promotion, for example through a cover image. The following are examples of Twitter Banner Templates that you can download, modify, and upload to your personal profile:


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Make sure the Twitter Header dimensions are correct

Your Twitter Banner will look optimal if it has dimensions of 1500×500 pixels. So, make sure your Twitter Banner design has that dimension. You should also consider the profile picture area and the invisible area around your display image. Indeed, it is quite difficult to make a Twitter Header that really fits the guidelines provided by Twitter. You also have to consider how your Twitter Header will look when viewed from various devices with various screen resolutions. So, make sure that your Twitter Header has an aspect ratio of 3: 1, is in JPG, PNG, or GIF format (not animated), and is less than 2MB in size.

Banner Twitter templates psd

While the right size for the profile picture area is 430×172 pixels and is located on the lower left. So, make sure there is a space of that size on the lower left side. Don’t let your profile picture interfere with the Twitter Header. The difficulty, this is different in each device and screen resolution. So, you should really leave a lot of free space on the bottom left to accommodate the changes in screen and resolution when viewed from multiple devices.

Banner Twitter templates for photoshop

Twitter Banner Design Ideas

Banner Twitter psd templates Banner Twitter customizable psd design templates

Twitter Banner Ideas

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Twitter Banner Example

Banner Twitter in photoshop Banner Twitter in psd design

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