TOWS Analysis Templates Steps Guidelines

TOWS analysis is same with SWOT analysis. So, TOWS analysis templates are also same with SWOT analysis. However, there are still many people who do not know well how to conduct and write this kind of analysis. In fact, it is very simple since it only focuses on 4 aspects.

Tips How to Make a TOWS Analysis Template

TOWS refer to Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, & Strengths. So, you will focus on those. However, there are some rules in writing a TOWS analysis template. For the detailed step by step, let’s see the following explanation in this article below.

First of all, you have to find the Threats surround the business you have. It is about anything that potentially can cause harm to the business. How it causes harm depends on the threat level. Anyway, you must be able to deal with the threats as soon as possible.

For external threats, the example may be about the rivaling business with same products or services and same target customers. For internal threats, the example is if there are employees deciding to access the confidential information of your business without the right authority.

Secondly, you have to look into Opportunities. Opportunities mean situations where you & your business have something to benefit from. It may happen anywhere & at anytime. That is why you need to learn about it further.

There is a future convention in the area in a few days, for example. If your business open up there, you can advertise it to the potential clients & investors. You need to list down any opportunity. However, you have to be careful because you may think that it is an opportunity but actually is not.

Thirdly, writing a TOWS analysis report requires you to learn about your business’ Weakness. Weaknesses mean anything which can hinder a path of business towards success. Weaknesses can potentially become threats if you leave them alone. Then, they can harm your business.

For example, there are some employees who do not follow the company’s procedures in handling customers. As it is a weakness, you have to fix it right away. If you let it happen longer, your customers will leave you and come to your rivals.

Fourthly, you have to point out your business’ Strengths. Strengths mean anything that you or your business is good at. On the other words, strengths also mean any positive about you or your business so that your customers will appreciate it.

The best strength is that your business can provide perfect customer service. However, there are still many other examples. If you offer services or products that your competitors do not, it will also belong to strengths. The more strength you have, the better it will be.

Templates for Simple TOWS Analysis 2 Sample
Templates for Simple TOWS Analysis Sample

Lastly, writing TOWS analysis templates requires you to use all of them. In this case, you have to be able to use all the data to improve your business. So, this analysis will lead to a success. Besides this analysis, you may also need to conduct other kinds of analysis.

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