Tow truck driver resume sample job description mainly concerns about one’s duty to communicate with a dispatcher. The driver will drive the vehicle to the scene, connect vehicle to the truck, and transport it to either service station or junkyard in the case of accident or breakdown. Furthermore, the driver needs to have ability to interact with customers and provide assistance in variety of ways.

Carl Macsavyer

78560 Pietro Unions, Boston, MA, Phone: +1 (555) 908 210 2673


                                                New York, NY

                                                06/2014 – present

  • Perform local pick up of vehicles and delivery to the designated facility in daily basis
  • Solve automotive problems and provide solutions to the clients or customers in the scene
  • Make sure of proper condition of every equipment and facility to be ready at all time
  • Help the manager in every way possible for every need or every order of the manager in daily auction
  • Perform other minor duties assigned to one to do in the workplace or at the scene of the incident


Houston, TX

08/2011 – 03/2014

  • Drive the tow truck to the designated place with good maneuver at various speeds in variety of situations
  • Carefully load and unload the vehicles without putting any or more damage on them
  • Come to the Catastrophe when needed and be ready for the occasion within 24 hours
  • Make proper operation with the use of equipment too by keeping safety regulations in mind
  • Make review of the assignments given, including the place, the truck, and the information of the transported vehicle


Boston, MA

02/2007 – 04/2011

  • Deliver fuel when there are orders to do so as fast as necessary for one to make the delivery to the intended person
  • Change tires as needed when the tow truck itself needs one for maintenance so that it is always ready in perfect condition
  • Use winch, chains, blocks, electric controls, and the kind to load and unload the vehicles from the tow truck
  • Ensure the safety of the vehicles during the transportation with the use of chains, straps, or others
  • Make minor mechanical repair if possible when doing such action is necessary to be done

EDUCATION                       HARBER HIGH SCHOOL

                                                High School Diploma


  • Excellent organizational skills with perceptiveness and precision in details when observing and discussing things
  • Capability to do multiple tasks and priorities of competing kind every day, especially during the working hour
  • Efficient quality work even with minimal supervision of the company when taking care of responsibilities at the workplace
  • Perform essential body functions as necessary for the job, like reaching with hands, kneeling crouch, etc.
  • Ability to read, understand, and follow everything as instructed by the superiors of the company
  • Driving skills and license on variety of tracks and speeds to get to the designated place as quickly as possible to help people
  • Willingness to come to Catastrophe and all ready at every hour of the day to transport vehicles with the tow truck



Tow Truck Driver Resume Sample

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