How to Write a Thank You Note for Gift

If you held a special celebration and there are many guests who gave you gifts, it is a good idea to appreciate them by sending them a thank you note for gift. If you are still unfamiliar with this letter, you will need to pay attention to the following guidelines.

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What to Write in the Thank You Note for Gift

Writing a thank you letter for gift should be done with the right way. You have to know what you need to include in it. So, the information and purpose of the thank you note you send can be gotten and understood by the recipient properly.


First of all, you have to inform why & how their gift really makes you happy. In this part, you have to be specific and show that you really love the gift they sent or gave to you. By being specific, they will know that this thank you note is specialized for them.

Besides that, you also have to show how you felt when receiving the gift. Of course, you are happy with it. However, you can be more specific. For example, you were shocked how they know that you are obsessed with that gift.

Then, you also have to mention something positive related to them who have given the gift. For example, you have wanted to buy that item since long ago. Because they gave you that item you really love, there is no better word to say than thank you so much.

In the thank you card for gift, you should not only appreciate them for the gift but also for their time, generosity and also thoughtfulness. In fact, they have dedicated their time to attend your invitation and spend their money to purchase an item for the gift.

To close the thank you note, it is better to you a personal message of goodwill. There are many ways and it is very easy. For example, you can simply write “Your best friend”, “Your craziest classmate”, or something else. Then, it should be followed with your name.

Thank You Note for Gift Samples

There are many samples of message you can write for this thank you note. You have to be specific depending on the event or moment. For example, if you got a birthday gift you can say “My birthday became special with you and your gift made it perfect.”

For a Christmas gift, you can write “Thanks for being a crazy friend. Thank for your shocking gift, too.” For a wedding gift, you may write “I’m really happy for having a friend like you. Your gift shows that you really know what I want.”

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For a baby shower gift, you can say “Your gift for our baby is sweet like him”. For a graduation party gift, you can say “Thanks for your supports until I graduate my study. Your gift really makes me happy and optimistic to face the future”. Now, it is your time to write your own thank you note for gift.

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