Complete Guides How to Make a Thank You Note after Phone Interview

If you apply for a job vacancy, you will usually get invitation for an interview. However, sometimes interview is done via phone in this modern era. So, you can send a thank you note after phone interview then. If you have never made it before, you will need to understand the following guidelines.

Thank You Letter after Phone Interview Subject Line


Step by Step in Writing a Thank You Note after Phone Interview

There are some steps that you have to follow in writing a thank you note after a phone interview. First of all, you have to make a subject line. For example, you can simply write “Thank you for the time”. This is the simplest and most popular subject line but you can also use other professional words.

After subject line, you can directly enter to the body of note. In this part, you can start with a personalized greeting. It means you have to mention the recipient with his or her name. For example, you can say “Hi Susan” or “Hello Susan”.

Then, you can enter to the main section of the thank you note. In this section, you will need to thank them and also show your appreciation for the time during the phone interview. For example, you can easily write “Thank you for giving me a chance to follow a phone interview”.

Now, you have to mention the specific thing you have talked about during the phone interview that you really enjoyed learning about. Therefore, the recipient will know that it is only written for them, not any other company or recipient. It shows that you really prioritize them as your potential company to work.

In writing a thank you letter after a phone interview, you will also need to reaffirm your interest in the job position. Besides that, you also have to tell them that you are really excited to hear about the next steps of qualification. For example, you are excited if you are invited to the office for the further steps.

Next, you should tell them to feel free to contact you if there is any concern or question in the meantime. In fact, the there are some steps in a job qualification. For example, you can write “I am glad to be contacted for the further steps of qualification”.

Actually, that is all the only steps you need to follow. However, optionally you can also include something in order to reaffirm that you are confident that you will be able to perform well in the role & explain why. It is important to convince them that you have ability to fulfill the position of the job.

Thank you Letter after Phone Interview Email

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Finally, it is not 100% necessary for you to send a thank you note after phone interview. However, it is nice if you do this because it can be useful to impress them. In fact, this can show that you really appreciate them and hope that you will work in their company with big enthusiasm.

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