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Gratitude is a way to express gratitude for someone’s kindness. Because of its importance, thank you card is one of the most popular types of greeting cards to be given to people or entities that have provided assistance to individuals or entities more formally.

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Thank you-s are usually personal, specific, and sincere. A thank you written in a beautiful phrase on a thank you card will let the recipient of the greeting card know that the person who sent it has made enough effort. However, sometimes, making a thank you card isn’t as easy as it sounds. Pouring gratitude into the phrase and design of greeting cards is not as easy as saying it casually. Therefore, you need good thank you card templates, which can help you express that gratitude.


Various phrases of thank you

1. “Just wanted to say thank you” note

Sometimes, we want to thank people who have helped us live our days more easily. There is no special event or reason why we say thank you. However, you feel a greeting card needs to be given to them so that they realize that they have become someone special in your heart because they have sincerely helped you.

2. Thank you for the gift note

This greeting card is given to those who have given you gifts, in whatever form. With this greeting card, you make sure they receive the gift and you treasure it happily.

3. Thank you for the money note

Money is one of the best gifts a person can give. If you get a prize in the form of money, you should thank the one who gave it. However, thanking someone for giving you money can be difficult. It’s better if you don’t talk about the amount of money you received but rather what you will do with it.

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4. Thank you for the act of kindness

This thank you note is very specific because it involves what people have done to you when you were hit by a problem. Although what they do might not be considered great, that is not the case with you. Their support and assistance means a lot to your physical and psychological health.

5. Thank you for the support or help

Almost similar to a previous thank you, this greeting card you give to people who have lightened your burden while living life.

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6. Thank you for the hospitality

When you spend the night in someone’s home, be it an acquaintance or a close relative and friend, you need to give thanks for the hospitality they show you. In fact, you can also give a greeting card to the inn and hotel where you spend the night.

7. Thank you for pet sitting

Pets do need extra attention. Sometimes, when you need to travel for quite a long time, you need to leave your pet to the day care or relatives. Don’t forget to thank them after you take back your beloved dog or cat.

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8. Thank you for being a friend

Having a friend who always helps you without reward, always accompanies and supports you all the time, is one of the priceless treasures. So, there is no harm in saying your gratitude because they have become good friends where you confide in.

9. Thank you for the teachers and coaches

Your teachers, coaches, coaches, and instructors have given their knowledge and time to make you a better person. So, it never hurts to give thanks to them through a piece of paper.

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10. Thank you for the business, thank you for the work

If you are engaged in business or services, you need to prioritize customer satisfaction. One way to attract their sympathy is by giving thanks to loyal customers and potential customers. Hopefully, this simple gesture can strengthen your relationship with customers.

11. Thank you for the interview

Give this thanks to the person you are interviewing or making a guest interview. This is a good gesture that shows good manners and good intentions.

thank card psd templates

Thank You Card Design Ideas

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Thank You Card Example

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