Making the most of your competency and abilities must be fun to work at. It could be a different experience if your company blindsides you for your top-tier set of abilities that are used only a portion of it. You will either feel okay about it or simply feel you do no longer belong at the place. to reduce the possibility of you being fired, you should fire yourself first by writing a termination to employer letter.

165.Termination to Employer

What is a Termination to Employer Letter?

A termination to employer letter is a formal form of notification telling your employer of your termination work contract at your will. Usually, this kind of termination comes from the employer. If it is done by the employee itself, it is generally conducted for a good cause concerning the company itself. Nevertheless, the reason should be reasonable and well-written.

Will a Termination Affect Future Employment?

When your termination to employer is approved, it will affect your future employment in some ways. For instance, if you bluntly explain ill or immoral details regarding your former employer, the recruiter will reconsider hiring you at their company or not. As long as you have no grudges when you were in the former company, you will do just fine.

How do I Write a Captivating Termination to Employer Letter?

As you feel that you do not belong at your company, you need to keep it far from your emotion so that you can express your reasoning rationally. As you follow the below list of hints for your termination to employer letter, you will feel at ease.

  • Address the manager and the HR department
  • State the effective date of leaving
  • Mention your rational reason
  • Do not forget to mention your gratitude

The Sample of a Termination to Employer Letter

It is understandable to think hard on the verge of deciding your career at your company. Writing your termination letter might cause a crowd in your head. So, it is better to take a look at the sample below to make your writing go smoothly.

Dear Mr. Howard

As I write this letter to you, it will be my formal termination of my work contract with your company. my effective date will be on 13th August 2018.  Concluding this decision was not necessarily easy. I fully acknowledge my achievement and appraisal that I obtained throughout the years working for this company. However, I believe my set of skills and abilities has been blindsided and not utilized at best performance for the company.

As a UX designer, I have been entitled a top employee of the month 2018, and top appraisal 2019. Furthermore, I also came up with a method that can fully refine the UX page of the company so that it will automatically increase the traffic achieved. Due to these circumstances, I was promised a promotion that I eventually could not achieve up to this day. In light of that, I believe my position here is taken for granted and I deserve to have other opportunities elsewhere that can operate my set of skills. Thank you for the experience you give for these 5 years and it has been an exhilarating run contributing for the sake of the company. should there be any questions left unanswered, you can reach out to me at 1-24049858.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Sincerely Yours,


Mr. Alex

That sums up the end of the information. If you read and observe it thoroughly, you will be benefited from its merit.

As for termination to employer letter, it is quite powerful to support your intention to terminate your work contract should you feel well-deserved elsewhere.

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