An employee can get a sudden termination of employment. Yes, these rules are sometimes implemented by companies, and are often referred to as “at-will”. The company, in its policy, may terminate its working relationship without notice for reasons or other matters. This type of termination of employment will not inform about the company’s decision or additional information. Companies usually use termination letter without cause for cases like this.

96. Use Termination Letter without Cause for Your Companys At Will Policy

What does terminate without cause mean?

Some companies implement dismissal policies for no reason. This policy can allow the company to rotate its employees and set ideal employee criteria for its company. Typically, companies use termination letter without cause to terminate existing employment contracts and explain them without any reason behind dismissal.

How to write termination letter without cause

Because of the “at-will” dismissal system, the language is used at will. However, you need to pay attention to some things that need to be listed in the termination letter without cause, such as:

  1. Effective date of dismissal
  2. Post-dismissal procedure
  3. Hope to employees after dismissal

Simple Examples you can use

Here’s an example of a dismissal letter that you can follow for termination needs. You can modify as you want.

Dear Mr. Johnson

Through this letter, I, as a company representative, would like to inform you that effective January 1, 2020, you are authorized not to work again at our company. Your dismissal is following the rules of the “at-will” policy, where we will terminate your employment relationship without prior notice and the underlying reason. Indeed this letter becomes an official document for your dismissal, and certainly after a vital consideration.

On January 10, 2020, we invite you to attend our limited meeting to take the final salary and severance following employment regulations. You have the right to take away your rights and ask some questions. Don’t forget to prepare all the documents and company properties that we lend and return them at the time of the limited meeting.

I, as a representative of the board of directors, apologize for this unilateral dismissal and of course, this was based on fair consideration and was carried out at a meeting of the board of directors. We are grateful for the help you have given, as well as your best dedication to building a more advanced company. We will never forget that, and it is our passion to keep innovating and moving. You come out in good shape and you can re-apply for a job at another company according to the competition and the appropriate field.

We will provide a letter of recommendation for you because you are a highly dedicated employee. We want to make sure that you get a bright future with it accepted in other companies. If you have some questions, contact me quickly at (000)-000-0000. Thank you.

Best Regards

Clara D. Smith

That’s some brief explanation on how to make termination letter without cause easily. You can edit it and modify it to suit your needs and desires.




Gunakan Termination Letter Without Cause Untuk Kebijakan “At Will” Perusahaan Anda


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