Writing employee dismissal letters is never easy. For example, in the case of company theft and legal considerations, it will make the task more difficult. Preparing a termination letter for theft can be a template in advance and is a great way to avoid emotional confrontation and send the letter in an appropriate manner according to corporate and legal standards.

Artikel 50. Termination Letter for Theft

Tips to Write Format and Content of the Termination Letter for Theft

Letters of this type in advance should be written with care and also under the advice of a human resource manager or company attorney if this is deemed possible. A termination letter in a theft case must be formal and precise and include the date of the violation as well as the specifications of the violation. Informing employees of the evidence available will help prevent legal disputes based on the wrongful termination charge.

Sample of Termination Letter for Theft

In the termination letter used for this theft sample, the employee will be provided with a termination letter at the start of the meeting with the human resources manager. The letter will later provide specific details about what will happen after the meeting takes place. Employees will not be allowed to be able to take other items from the company that could cause disruption. The employee is invited to be able to file a dispute if he believes the allegation is untrue and baseless.

How to make a Termination Letter for Theft and examples

Dear Mr. Robert,

I must inform you that starting today, May 28, 2020, your work at Electronics Services is terminated due to your fault in company stealing. On 18 May 2020, our surveillance cameras have captured you carrying electronic equipment from the company building. We have investigated the incident thoroughly and we believe that you will not have permission to remove the equipment or to return it this week.

As you already know, corporate theft is a serious offense. These violations will be discussed in detail in the company’s employee handbook and during new employee orientation. Our investigation has found the serial number of the item you deleted. As these items have a total amount of more than $ 6,000, we have reported the incident to the local police.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to return all of the company property you took away at this week’s meeting. You will be given and blacklisted in other companies, which have been drawn up by the manager, which you need to return within three working days. You can leave these items at the security checkpoint located on the first floor of the company building.

You will be contacted by a member of the human resources department to discuss your final salary as well as any benefit payments that may be due. If you feel the company has taken this decision in error, you can appeal it. If you have any questions, then you can contact our company attorney, Mr. Joss Harris, at (111) -111-3333. At the end of this meeting, you will be escorted to the table to collect all your personal property and will be escorted out of the company premises.

Best regards,


Leonardo Tyson, Human Resources Manager

Electronics services Inc.





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