An employee who fails to meet productivity expectations will hurt company profits. It doesn’t matter how careful and detailed the employee selection process is and an employee who has no desire to work can escape recruitment. This termination letter along with an exit interview is a great way to end an unproductive relationship.

Artikel 61. Termination Letter Due to Poor Performance

Format and Content of Termination Letter due to Poor Performance

Carefully draft a termination letter for poor performance. Cite examples that can be supported by documented evidence. The accusations that are not more than suspicious need to be completely abandoned. Use language and words that are straightforward and leave no room for doubt about the purpose of the letter or the justification of the termination decision. The letter must contain the date of termination and information about the employee’s final salary and other information relevant to the company and the specific employee.

Examples and how to make a termination letter due to poor performance

Dear Billy,


This letter informs you that starting today December 31, 2019. You have been terminated from the Electronic Services Center. Your dismissal for poor performance over the past 6 months. The specifics that led to this decision are detailed as follows. When you are hired, your manager shares the company’s performance expectations with you. This hope is given to you again during your experiment, during which time you sign a confirmation that you read and understand the matter.

While working with the Electronic Services Center you failed to meet every performance measure. After 4 weeks of work, you are offered additional training which you refuse. At the 2-month mark you worked for this company, your performance was less than 50 percent of your colleagues in the same position and the same department. To prevent this last step, your manager develops a performance improvement plan that includes your input and is approved by you in writing. During the term of this plan, your performance deteriorates further and is documented with 3 letters of warning. You are notified and sign every letter. During your work with our company, we have received numerous customer complaints about your handling, including missed promises, failure to keep promises and wrong bills.

You will be paid for any unused vacations or sick days you experience. This payment, if any, will be included with your final salary. You can choose to have these salaries sent to your home address or you can call me at (111) -111-1111 to arrange for check pick up at the company security desk.

We attach information regarding your eligibility for the company for further protection by group health insurance. Make sure we keep your current address so we can send your form.


Best regards,

Mr. Biden Gill, Executive Director

Electronic Service Center




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