Streamlining the company’s operations is the best way to reduce unexpected costs due to economic slowdown or business downturn. Lower prices are expected to save business operations to continue to survive under existing pressures. Of course, this would reduce the number of existing employees and eliminate some departments that were deemed unnecessary under current conditions. When that happens, using a termination letter due to lack of work is the best solution to give some decision on termination of the employment contract.

151. Creating A Termination Letter Due to Lack of Work for Unforeseen Situations

What does laid off due to lack of work mean?

The company will continue to maintain operational business performance to continue to run following existing targets and objectives. When a company is faced with a situation where the company cannot give back the job to the employee, the condition is often called the “lack of work,” Of course, the company will fire the employee due to the absence of a given job.

How do you terminate an employee due to lack of work?

For companies, firing employees due to certain conditions is a justifiable prerogative. Using a termination letter due to lack of work is the best way to inform employees that the employee stops working at the company. Make sure an award and severance money is prepared for some employees who have been dismissed.


Below is a sample termination letter due to lack of work that you can modify and use as needed.

221 Harvard Avenue

Washington 78965

Dear Mr. Robinson

Through this letter, regretfully and through some complex considerations, we as the company’s management must inform you that effective January 1, 2021, your position at ABC’s director of research and design management. Corp. will be stopped. Surely you have realized that our company has experienced a significant decrease in customers and cooperation in the last two years. We have sought to slash all current expenses and costs, even some departments, at once to sustain businesses under the ongoing economic recession. With that in consideration, we will reduce the workforce in some sectors.

Following our original plan, we will reduce some of the workforces from 540 employees to 320 employees over the next three months. We understand that the performance, loyalty, and achievements you give to the company are the best thing ever. But this economic recession made a tough decision, and inevitably we had to take this tough decision.

Your company’s achievements do not necessarily make us only give severance and a few parcels only. A letter of recommendation from the company’s management will be made to provide smoothness while finding a new and better company. We want to give the best way for employees who are dedicated to our company.

With respect

Mrs. Emily A. John

That’s a brief explanation of making a termination letter due to lack of work very efficiently. Modify the example above according to your needs and situation!


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