The termination letter due to lack of work is purposed to inform a certain employee about their job termination due to certain reasons. Particularly, the reason behind this letter is due to lack of work. In other words, the employee doesn’t perform as best as they could in completing the tasks given to them. For more valid reasons for termination, check out the paragraphs below!

90 What is termination letter due to lack of work

What are valid reasons for termination?

To maintain professionalism and to show respect towards your employee, a termination letter should be equipped with valid and acceptable reasons without bringing any sensitive issues such as discrimination and others. Here are some acceptable reasons to give an employee a termination letter.

  1. Lack of work

It is usually the most common reason for a termination letter. Here are some examples of an employee’s lack of work performance.

  • Poor working productivity

When an employee has shown poor working productivity, particularly if it may have caused a great impact on the company, then it is natural for a termination letter due to lack of work to be issued.

  • Attendance issues

Attendance issues refer to when an employee shows a certain issue with their attendance such as coming late or requesting lots of absences.

  • Disobedient employee

To be accepted as an employee in a certain company, someone has to be able to obey the rules provided by the company. However, if an employee dares to break the rules or it creates such a change or damage to the company, the supervisor has the right to terminate the employee.

  1. If the employee is involved in criminal activities, either inside the company or outside the company, such as:
  • Secret illegal business or trading
  • Corruption
  • Discrimination or sexual harassment
  • Physical violence
  • Drugs

What is the importance of a termination letter due to lack of work?

To fire an employee, the supervisor or manager may fire them verbally. However, to make it included as legal action, a legal document like a termination letter is needed for both the company and the fired employee. Moreover, it involves more detailed information about the termination terms and is indicated as a professional employee firing method.

The format sample of termination letter due to lack of work

The format sample of the termination letter may vary depends on each company. However, here are some of the things to include in a termination letter.

  • The identity of the company

It includes the name of the employee, the company, and the manager or supervisor.

  • The date of the letter and the termination

Inform clearly about the date of the termination and ensure to send in the letter a few days or weeks before the termination date.

  • The reasons for the termination

Maintain professionalism by using polite language in expressing the reasons for termination. Ensure to not include sarcasm or inappropriate jokes in the letter.

  • Final payment receipt

To close the letter, don’t forget to inform the employee about their last paycheck.

Other important information may also be added in the letter depending on the company’s terms.




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