Technical architect resume sample will help you to make this kind of document. A resume is an important document as the requirement that the employers will read as the consideration before accepting the asking. By the resume, the employer will get the information about the self of candidate.

Through the resume, you are able to show your personality information. Of course, the resume in simple will inform who you are. Then, through the resume too, you could show you skills and experiences to be the potential candidate to be accepted in the new company.

In this occasion, we will show you an example of the resume. By the example of it, you will get an easier way to make it. Well, for those who are curious with it, read the complete writings below.

Sample of Technical Architect Resume

Theresa Jannetta

8175 Hackett Isle, Detroit, MI. Phone: +1 (555) 718 7729


Technical Architect

Detroit, MI

07/2014 – present

  • Engaging others by gathering the multiple views and being open to the different perspectives
  • Focusing on a shared purpose that put the planning in the first place to go
  • Developing and strengthening the relationship and network both inside and outside organization to support the performance of company
  • Proactively and transparently contributes information and the energy to increase the performance of company
  • Designing the pattern of software in the style of architecture
  • Identifying the additional opportunities for automation of the publication of curriculum
  • Contributing the growth of the practice and service by identifying the internal strategies
  • Serving as an active contributor, especially increasing the performance of the company

Technical Architect

Boston, MA

05/2011 – 04/2014

  • Doing innovation especially in the service of the company in order to enlarge the business
  • Providing the architecture and the big picture oversight in order to developing the implementation of client with the platform of commerce cloud
  • Partnering with the manager of project and consultant to work on a day to day effort of software development
  • Providing the leadership of technical and reviewing the technical design
  • Providing the hands of expert of assistance level to develop the technical issues
  • Working in a global team and take the responsibility about the domain of data protection
  • Developing the architecture, strategies, standard and the guideline for the technologies of data security and solution


State University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science


  • High quality in commitment
  • Demonstrating the attention to produce a high quality end product to improve the work result and process
  • Ability to write the high quality of documentation
  • Have good ability in problem solving and analytic skill
  • Able to quickly digest any problem including the new matters
  • Checking the availability, reliability and scalability
  • Strong troubleshooting capability and ability to solve the complete problem
  • Excellent team player
  • Good in communication both in verbal and written
  • Quickly to get the innovation about the planning of company to get better place and better achievement
  • High knowledge in architecture and technical solution design
  • Constantly look for the great opportunities in order to improve the process and the results
  • Good attitude and strong mentality


Technical Architect Resume Sample

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