Being a teacher is a great profession, but there is a time when you can no longer work as it due to some reasons, whether you want to find another profession, move to another town, health condition, or even marriage and maternity. So, before you leave your position as a teacher, you have to write a resignation letter to a principal in the education institution you have worked.

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What is The Teacher Resignation Letter?

A teacher resignation letter is a written document that is used to notify the principal or the institution you have worked that you will leave your current position as a teacher due to some reason. The teacher’s resignation letter should be written neatly and formally and should not be written based on your emotion.

What Should be Included in The Teacher Resignation Letter?

To write a teacher’s resignation letter neatly and organized, there are some things that you should pay attention to. Here they are:

  • Write your intention in writing the letter, which is to inform the school principal about your resignation or leaving a position as a teacher
  • Give the clear reason why you intend to leave your position as a teacher, so there will be no misunderstanding between you and the school principal or school institution
  • Write a polite salutation to open the letter
  • Offer for help to train a new teacher during your transition that will fill your position
  • Appreciate and thank the people in the school institution you have worked with
  • Provide your contact information so the school principal can contact you if there is information or question that should be asked from you
  • Close the letter politely and concisely

The Sample of A Teacher Resignation Letter

Here, we provide a sample of the teacher’s resignation letter that probably you can use as a reference in properly composing the resignation letter.

This is the sample.

Dear Mrs. Jeanette,

 This letter intends to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as a history teacher in Highbury High School, effective in three weeks from this day, specifically on January 23, 2019. As you may know, my family and I will soon move out to another town in Beverly Hills. This will make it impossible for me to continue working as a teacher at Highbury High School, so I plan to look for a new teaching position there.

Teaching the history in Highbury High School has given me the greatest pleasure over the past four years. Moreover, working with the students and all of my colleagues at Highbury High School was fun and I am grateful that I have met such wonderful and lovely people there. Besides, the valuable experience and lessons that I gained during work as a teacher there will be impossible to be forgotten. So, I wish for the success of all students and my colleagues in the future. If you need to contact me for further information and talking about my transition to train a new teacher that will fill my position, I will always ready, so do not hesitate to contact me at 454-3333-8888 or mail me at Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation regarding my resignation letter.


Warm Regards,



Kimberly Kim

That is all about the teacher resignation letter that might help you in drafting or composing a resignation letter to leave your current position as a teacher. Hopefully, it will help you and can be used as your guidance or reference in writing a teacher resignation letter.





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