Teacher aide resume sample can be something to help you when you want to make a resume. Well, a resume is the first document that you need to write when you want to join with a new company and get the new job in order to continue the new career.

Well, with the resume, you are able to show your personal information. By reading a resume, recruiter will know who you are. Then, the resume is also able to show the detail skills, achievements and experiences of you to be the potential candidate.

In this occasion, we will talk about a sample of the resume. Seeing the sample of a resume, of course you are able to know what to include inside this document.


Sample of Teacher Aide Resume

Anne Figueroa

6129 Kamryn Ports, Boston, MA. Phone: +1 (555) 712 8274


Head Start Teacher Aide Regular and Sub-tit

09/2016 – present

  • Working evenings approximately once a month
  • Providing on-site child care in order to support the meetings of parent center
  • Working and assisting the teacher when it is needed
  • Work assigned by the early learning director and the manager of direct service
  • Assisting with the meal and or the set-up or classroom and cleaning up
  • Working individually with the children and in small group in order to ensure involvement with the physical, intellectual, creative and activities of social
  • Guiding the TFA
  • Interacting with the parents
  • Supporting the involvement of parents with the children

Temporary Teacher Aide

Boston, MA

07/2011 – 05/2016

  • General work habits
  • Coming to work with the positive and good attitude
  • Providing the assistant of classroom management to the teacher
  • Working with the student on the individual basis as well as the entire class
  • Providing the educational assistance to the students on a one to one basis
  • Assisting teachers in offering a caring, safe, clean and the environment of nurturing
  • Supporting the lesson plans about the development and reflect the interest of children
  • Looking for ways in order to improve kinds of program

Teacher Aide

Phoenix, AZ

11/2008 – 03/2011

  • Creating an environment of inviting learning
  • Developing plans based on the goals of the curriculum and observations
  • Following the daily schedule
  • Providing the outdoor playtime for the children twice a day based on the weather
  • Providing the effective facility security including the room checks and observing the movement of clients
  • Implementing and supporting the missions of the company and the philosophy
  • Providing the daily feedback


Colorado State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Education



  • Ability to work with the children in many kinds of activities
  • Ability to set the limits appropriately
  • Ability to make the best and appropriate written documentation
  • Setting goal for self in the detail development professionally
  • Ability to work with the detail and various kind of educational settings
  • Ability to do the multitask job and project
  • Ability to implement the kinds of suggestion as it must
  • Excellent in skills of communication in both written and verbal
  • Providing the suitable materials for many kinds of activities
  • Available and approachable with the parents of the children
  • Able to work under pressure and with the limited deadline

Teacher Aide Resume Sample

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