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Definition of table of contents is the order of titles in each chapter and page that shows the beginning of the chapter in a book or writing. Its function is to make it easier for people who read the book or writing to search for specific chapter titles or topics quickly without having to manually open one page at a time. In other words, the table of contents can be interpreted as a road map for each piece of writing intended for the reader.

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Type of table of contents

There are several types or formats of table of contents, including Single Level Table of Contents, Subdivided Table of Contents, Multi-Level Table of Contents, and Academic Table of Contents.

What SHOULD is in a table of contents template

When searching for a table of contents template, keep in mind the following:

1. Look for a template that makes it easy for you to use headings

Table of Contents templates are good using headings so that they can be edited easily in Microsoft Word processing programs. Thicken the words that will be used as headings so that people who read them understand that the words are important. After that, you can use the “reference” menu to generate your “table of contents”.

2. Choose the style of the table of contents templates that suits your writing style

Primarily when you write scientific papers, check whether the templates that you will use fit the writing style you profess. For example, if you write in APA style, use the table of contents in APA style as well.

3. Prioritize readability

Choose a table of contents template that makes it easy for readers to navigate your book or writing. Therefore, make a table of contents that are clear, neat, and structured.

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What SHOULD NOT be in a table of contents template

1. The style is different from the authorship style adopted

Do not choose a template that does not match the writing style you are using. Make sure you understand correctly the theories of authorship in the style that you use today.

2. Difficult to customize

Templates that are difficult to customize or require advanced design expertise should be avoided for practicality and efficiency.

3. Difficult for readers to navigate

The main function of the table of contents is to help the reader find what he is looking for in your book or writing. If they are even confused when reading the table of contents, that means you are writing the wrong table of contents. Selection of the wrong template also contributes to increasing reader confusion.


We provide free integrated and curated table of contents templates for you, including:

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  • Book Table of Contents Template
  • Generic Table of Contents Template
  • Academic Table of Contents Template
  • Thesis & Dissertation Table of Contents Template
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  • Interactive PDF Table of Contents Template

and many more.

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Table of Contents Design Ideas

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