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T-shirts are one of the most popular types of clothing. T-shirts is suitable for anyone; young people, seniors, men, women, children, etc. T-shirt designs that can attract attention certainly become the main focus of T-shirt designers and those engaged in the business of selling T-shirts. T-shirt selling business is considered as a promising business because this type of shirt design is timeless, whether it’s graphic tees, body-hugging T-shirts, or plain oversized T-shirts. In order to attract the attention of consumers, you need to provide a T-Shirt with an attractive, unique, and latest design. We have provided a collection of T-Shirt design templates that are free for you. Before choosing the best template, it’s a good idea to know the most important things in the T-shirt design aspects:

t shirt psd templates

Things to consider when designing a T-shirt:

1. Size

The size of the T-shirt design must be decided based on the nature of the design and the nature of the garment to be printed. One design cannot be used for T-shirts of different sizes. Designs for children’s clothing must have smaller images than designs for adult clothing so that they look proportionate when applied.

The design must also be considered whether it can be used for all types of garments or not. Certain garments have a limited print area. For example, hoodies with front pockets only have 10 inches of free space to print. Likewise with toddler clothes that may only have free space to put graphics as wide as 6 inches.

2. Placement of design

T-shirt image designs must be positioned visually, not automatically based on the width of the shirt. It could be that your design is very interesting but fails to get people to buy your work because its placement is way off. Don’t put your design in the belly region. Instead, place it in the chest region.

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3. Aesthetic typography and fonts

Aesthetics have always been the main attraction of t-shirt designs. The text that is on the T-shitr may be of interest to prospective buyers. Unfortunately, typhograpy and unattractive font selection makes them doubt that they won’t even buy it. Therefore, design a T-shirt by considering fonts and typography. Don’t use more than three fonts in one design.

4. Design composition

Appropriate size, good placement, and aesthetic typography are still not enough if the design composition is not flattering. Arrange the elements so that they look harmonious.

t shirt templates psd

5. Good image quality

This is something that is often forgotten by people who design T-shirts. You design a T-shirt to be printed on a garment, not paper, not to be presented in front of the class or online. So, never design with low resolution. The results will be very bad when printed on your favorite T-shirt. Make sure your designs are in vector form so they don’t lose quality when resized. If the design involves a photo, the photo must be scanned in the highest resolution.

6. Coloring

The right color selection will not only make your design good but will also have an impact on the budget. If a T-shirt is printed in a lot of colors, the printing budget will also swell. However, if the t-shirt really matches the color, just printing it in one color will worsen the overall design. You can use the halftones technique to outsmart a variety of colors.

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7. Clear contrast

Contrast is a specific and important part of color selection. So that the design of the T-shirt can be seen clearly even from a distance, consider increasing the contrast.

8. Inversion, especially for blank and white designs

The right inversion will make the design stand out. Conversely, poor conversion inversion will make the design look awkward.

t shirt psd templates

9. Design complexity

The human eye can only process certain amounts of information in one glance. So, don’t make designs that are too complex.

10. Borders

Use designs with proper borders, masks, and edges to look professional and not boring. Use the “knock out” technique so that the focus of the design on the subject rather than the background is more visible.

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T-Shirt Design Ideas

t shirt example psd design t shirt in photoshop

T-Shirt Design Example

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