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SWOT, short for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, is a term that is often used by the marketing and marketing department to identify products that they will launch to the public. This term appears when a strategic planning meeting to identify four things, namely: what products are being sold in the market, what can be improved from these products, and how these products can be competitive in the market. This SWOT analysis can also be applied at the company level. The SWOT analysis strategy has been around since the 1960s. Although it is not clear who the main originator, the SWOT analysis is considered still relevant until now.

SWOT psd templates

What SHOULD be in a SWOT Analysis Template

Because SWOT analysis consists of four elements, of course a good template must accommodate all four. The following is a brief explanation of the four elements in the SWOT analysis:

1. Strengths

Strengths are interpreted here as an internal assessment of the product that gives advantages when compared with competitors’ products. Strengths can be in the form of features offered by the product or business characteristics.

2. Opportunities

Opportunities are all things that come from outside the product that can become “weapons” of product expansion in the future.

3. Weaknesses

The SWOT analysis also highlights the weaknesses of the product so that it can be improved in the future.

4. Threats

Threats usually come from outside, aka external factors that influence the success of the product. These external factors can range from economic factors to technological factors. Obstacles that can affect product success can be classified in threats.

SWOT templates psd

Look for SWOT Analysis Templates that accommodate all four elements

  1. Use the 2×2 grid system design template so you can easily compare all four elements together.
  2. Use a vertical template (vertical list) because it can provide clear boundaries between segments for easy visual disctinction. Templates like this are effective for graphic illustrations in performance reports.
  3. Use a horizontal table for SWOT presentations. Because of the nature of landscape presentation slides, vertical-based templates are not very suitable.

SWOT example psd design

We have a collection of SWOT Analysis Templates that have the following key points:

  1. Product or Service Launches
  2. Clear Strategy Building
  3. Significant Business Growth
  4. Comprehensive Marketing Design
  5. Continuous Team Evaluation
  6. Personal Growth

SWOT psd templates

What SHOULD NOT be in a SWOT Analysis Template

1. Not writing SWOT analysis in an even number

Make sure that all elements are equal. Strengths must be the same amount as weaknesses. So it is with opportunites that must be commensurate with threats. For example, if you find 10 strengths, also find 10 weaknesses. For each opportunity, find one threat / obstacle. So, use a template that can accommodate balanced tables.

2. Not having clear goals

You must determine the goals of each of your SWOT analyzes first. Do not let the contents of your analysis mean nothing or just nonsense. There must be clear set goals so that your analysis is useful for developing new business or scaling revenue.

3. Not thoroughly enough

When analyzing, make sure you have done your homework by analyzing it thoroughly. Therefore, forget SWOT analysis templates which are only bullet points.

4. Templates are hard to read for ordinary people

Complicated templates will make ordinary people, in this case maybe shareholders or clients, confused. Use 2×2 grid templates if the presentation will be attended by lay people and horizontal SWOT analysis template if the presentation will be attended by employees and above you.

5. The color is monotonous

Use colors and color accents to help you capture the attention of the audience. Therefore, monotonous template colors should not be considered anymore.


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