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Storyboard is a series of thumbnail showing the breakdown of a video. It illustrates the key scenes, who will be present, how the setting will run, and also what action will take place. If you want to make a storyboard template, you have to learn about its tips and techniques.

Tips to Make a Storyboard Template

First of all, you have to focus on the story work. Here, you need to build a timeline. You should create a list of the events will be told. After that, you must identify the story key scenes. So, you have to think about the key moments that will be the main points to attract the viewers.

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Then, what you next to do is to decide how detailed the story will be. So, the storyboard will be easily understood by the viewers. Do not forget to write the description of each cell you will show. It will help you determine what to draw for the storyboard. It relates to conversation, mimmicks, etc.

Secondly, it turns to the design. Here, you should decide the template. You can draw it manually by hand or using an app like inDesign, Amazon’s Storyteller, Microsoft PowerPoint,, or Adobe Illustrator.

After that, you can continue to sketch the thumbnails. Here, you have to think about some elements such as composition, camera angle, and type of shot, props, actors and special effects. You may also need erasing and even redrawing.

Then, you also need to add additional important information. Sometimes, you should fill description of what happens in the scene such as the dialogue. The information of time length may also be included. Here, it is also important to number the cells.

After all, you can finalize the storyboard. You can add color if needed. It will pop up your ideas. Sometimes, it is not important to draw storyboard that looks perfect and realistic. However, it depends on the viewers. Sometimes, simple stick figures can be more interesting.

Thirdly, it is time for fine-tuning. Here, you should think in 3-point perspective. Here, you need to understand about some tricks to make the storyboard look more like movies. Rather than drawing all characters standing on a same horizontal line, it will be better to put them in perspective.

Still related to fine-tuning, you also need to have motivation for your cuts. You must think about the reasons to make each cut to a new shot. You also should give the reasons why the characters do that. It will help you to figure out how to create tension & keep the story moving.

Last, you should let the storyboard morph as you want. Just let yourself to drift from the storyboard. At least, you need to revise it. Therefore, the process of storyboarding is more organic. You have to keep in mind that sometimes there is something to edit, change or improve.

That is all the tips and tricks how to create a storyboard template. Different film directors may have different styles in making a storyboard. Hopefully these guidelines will help you to create a storyboard like a pro.


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