Stock Purchase Agreement Sample Templates Guidelines

Stock purchase agreement means a legal agreement made between 2 parties where they sign on it to certify a transfer or sale of stock or partial ownership of a company. The parties are usually a company & an investor. In this article, we will give you stock purchase agreement sample templates.

How to Write a Stock Purchase Agreement

A stock purchase agreement template should cover the following details. First, it needs to provide the name of the company. It is the business entity’s name which will sell their stock. In this agreement, the company acts as the seller.

Secondly, you will have to provide the name of the purchaser. Purchaser is the entity that will buy the stock. It can be an investor, a singular business persona, or another company. In this case, the party which will buy the stock is called as the purchaser.

Then, this agreement should also contain details of share. In this section, you will need to list the par value of shares as well as the number of shares sold. Besides that, this section also itemizes the price & any price adjustment of the stock. Just make the list as complete as possible,

Time & place of the transaction must also be stated clearly. Here, it is very important to state the particular date including the month and year. Then, the venue or specific place when the stock purchase is going to be held should also be mentioned in this agreement.

Next, a stock purchase contract template should also include representations & warranties. Representations mean the statement that regards the stock sold by the company. On the other hand, warranties provide security to the buyer / purchaser to claim if there is something wrong with the stock.

One more, you cannot forget including bonus & benefit. It provides the terms on how the company will handle the benefits as well as any accumulated bonus pay of the employee after the transaction. If you miss one of these elements, the agreement will not be effective. So, you will have to revise it.

Tips to Make a Stock Purchase Agreement

There are some kinds of stock available. They are common stock, preferred stock, income stock, value stock, & growth stock. After you know the type of stock, then you will need to consider some tips in writing the agreement. Basically, there are 2 tips in writing this agreement.

First, you should present a letter of intent to the purchaser before you finalize this agreement. It explains the proposed sale of stock. It is important to discuss the terms with the purchaser because it can yield you lesser revision. Besides, both parties will also be sure that everything goes well.

Blank Stock Purchase Agreement Template
Stock Purchase Agreement Redacted Example
Stock Purchase and Sale Agreement Sample

Second, stock purchase agreement sample templates are always made foolproof added with indemnification clause. In this case, it serves as a security to both parties where they will be a break in warranty or other issues which can arise after transaction.

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