After sending your application or doing an interview with a company you are applied to, the next step is waiting for the company’s response to your qualification. Whether you are called to the next step of the hiring process or not. You will know if the hiring company inform you about that. But how If there is no sign or notification at all from the company? So, you probably should write a still-interested job letter.

Artikel 125. Still Interested in Job and The Sample

What is The Still-Interested in Job Letter?

A still interested in the job letter is a written document that is intended to ask or confirm the hiring company you were applied to about whether or not you are qualified for the position that is opened. Usually, they will inform you some days or some weeks later, but if it has already more than the days they are promised you to inform, so you can ask or confirm them regarding the requirement process

What Should be Included in A Still-Interested in Job Letter?

There are main points that you should input in the letter of a still-interested job, so you can write it properly, and the letter can be clearly understood by the reader. Here they are:

  • Mention your identity
  • State the position that you are applied
  • Explain specifically why you are qualified for that position
  • Asking for the response of the hiring manager regarding your qualification
  • Provide your available contact information, so the hiring manager will inform you related to the hiring process that you are asking

How is The Example of A Good Still-Interested in Job Letter?

If you are looking for a reference in writing a still-interested job letter, here we provide an example that hopefully that can you use as your guide to writing a formal and proper letter that will be sent to the hiring division.

This is the sample.

Dear Mr. Danny,

I feel so lucky and grateful for having an interview with Brown Company three weeks ago, specifically on February 13, 2019. I am Josephine Agatha. The position that I was applied for is a customer service representative. I have two years of experience in the same field, and I believe that I can be the right fit for the role that is offered by the company.

We last spoke at the interview that was held three weeks ago and discussed our common interest in handling and communicating with the customer smartly and gracefully. At the end of our meeting, you said that your hiring team will inform me about the further notification regarding the hiring process within one or two weeks. Two weeks pass since our meeting, so I am writing this letter to ask and confirm whether the position of customer service representative in your company is still open? If so, I am still interested in the position and feel that my qualification and experience may fit well with Brown Company.

Please consider me for the position, and I would appreciate any information you give regarding this selection. If you intend to give me the notification or confirmation related to the selection, whether or not I am qualified for the position, or if you will arrange the next interview, you can contact me at 322-1223-9990 or through mail at Thank you very much for the opportunity regarding this selection.


Best Regards,



Josephine Agatha


That is all about the still-interested job letter that hopefully can guide you to write the letter with a formal choice of words. You need to state everything clearly, so the letter will be easily understood by the reader.


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