Stationery Order Template and how to make it impressive to do

Writing stationery order template is not difficult because you will have some ideas to write this one. You can write it in Microsoft word without any difficulties because it will have same operation that you will apply to make a regular document so that you will get the satisfaction arrangement with the beautiful template.

Templates of Order Example

In this part, you can add the custom letterhead and any other elements of the physical stationary such as personalized design. It will be different on the physical stationary that you have word automatically to fill in portions. You also can write your own custom stationary that will show the impressive idea about your template.

How to write stationery order template with impressive arrangement

To write this template stationary order interesting, you can download the pretty fonts that will show the difference on your template. The pretty fonts will give something unique on your order because the font combination will make the template order looking beautiful and it will make the reader getting interested on your template.

Templates Printable Order Example

After that, you can search the free graphics to make your template looking different. You can look at the Pinterest which is full of links to great clip art and images that you can use for your stationary. You can find and just make sure that any image that you use is not copyrighted. The creator has given express the permission for personal use of the image.

How to make stationery order template different with other template

To make this one getting impressive, you can format your page. Your font and graphic will make the template interesting. If you apply the Microsoft Word, you can correspond with size of the notecard that you have purchased. After that, you can enter the width and the height of your notecard in the appropriate boxes.

Templates School Stationery Order 1 Example

In this time, you can also change the size of the margins.  With this one, you can enter the numbers in the top, right, bottom, and also left boxes. The smallest margins my computer or printer will allow 25”. Your stationery order template form also will be more interesting by using text boxes by entering your name on the stationary.

Insert and format the image on your stationery order template

It is important for you to add the graphic to the stationary because the graphic will show the difference on your order. This way is also simple because you only need to insert > picture > from the file and then choose the appropriate file from the drop of menu. With this idea, your order will be impressive to read.

You should pay attention especially when your image appears on your document; you only click on it so that it becomes active on the page.  This one will be useful and helpful to make the image a bit more transparent.


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A box will appear that let you to manipulate the orientation, transparency, size, color, position, and many more. With those ideas, your stationery order template will show the awesome arrangement without any difficulties.

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