Social Media Manager is responsible to create and manage the contents for clients with high creativity and able to reach the targets of the audiences. The person needs to master certain skills such writing, designing, and editing.

Noah Grifter

3760 Blue Bird Place, Dallas, TX, 75457, Phone: +1 (469) 711-2672



                                                Austin, TX

                                                01/2017 – present

  • Manage to handle Social media manager resume sample and be responsible for doing assignment, editing, and create the contents
  • Lead the team projects, brainstorming and execute the project by doing cross-checking channels on the site promotions
  • Able to work with wide range of stakeholders
  • Handle specific digital platform and do integrate the marketing through campaigns on the media
  • Manage the distribution of the products through social media community
  • Build and post regularly information that related to projects such as media calendar, advertising, posts and promotions through social media platform
  • Using blog and websites to build brands and keeps the updates on time



San Antonio, TX

12/2014 – 11/2016

  • Responsible to trained staff for projects
  • Capable to create media advertising that gives benefits to company and clients
  • Able to set placement and project’s budget properly
  • Capable to write contents and do regular updates on both websites and mobile sites
  • Being responsible to maintain contents on the social media
  • Can build engagements to customers and hit the target through promotion and giveaway gifts
  • Handling the media campaigns of the projects
  • Can outline the goals and describe the targets clearly to the clients and the audiences with various scale of brands
  • Create and manage online discussion that helps the projects
  • Launch the site, page, and account that is related to client’ project
  • Able to create products contents and brands with on-site blog and in-house relationship
  • Attend to various of social media platforms and hold conferences site that shows the strong presence in community



Arlington, TX

12/2008 – 09/2013

  • Able to presents strategic planning for the projects
  • Has great community with long term relationship that helps the social relationship
  • Has great excellent skill to understand about the job part on that needs to be worked
  • Able to understand deeply about the contents and how to work with social web
  • Responsible to create great contents
  • Able to create great writing skills
  • Can operate social media technology in any platform
  • Able create innovation on the projects
  • Capable to hold the projects by giving clear strategic, great branding, social network, communication, engaging and more.



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Creative Media Industries



  • Able to write any creative contents in any social media platform
  • Can manage and operate various social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Able to create any creative post with great editing skills
  • Can work with Pinterest, Edit Editor Pict application and other apps that has similar function
  • Understand about SEO and able to work under the keywords
  • Able to offers great service to customers
  • Can do photo designs and editing at excellent skill
  • Able to analyze the projects and build the concepts based on the projects
  • Can create the theme and the contents that related to it
  • Always do comprehensive research and planning before doing the projects
  • Can interact with various clients
  • Able to create video contents that is related to the projects
  • Responsible to arrange the cost and more


Social Media Manager Resume Sample

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