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Resume is a term to refer to documents that indicate a person’s background, expertise, skills, and achievements during his life, especially his career. Resumes can be used as main documents or as a complement to various needs. However, resumes are usually made to apply for a job.

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A resume usually contains a summary of educational background, work experience, and achievements of someone who is relevant to the job to be applied for. Sometimes, a resume is sent to the workplace to be applied for along with a cover letter, employment application, and letter of recommendation.


Types of Resume Style

You can create a resume in the style that is needed by the company or what you want. In general, the following resume formats:

1. Reverse chronological resume

If you decide to organize your resume using a reverse chonological resume style, you need to include your work experience in a chronological order. Usually, work experience is included 10 to 15 years. Write down your position in the previous job along with the start and end date you occupy that position. The position you are currently occupying is written down along with the date you started occupying the position until present. This format is commonly used by professionals to document promotions.

2. Functional resume

A functional resume contains work experience and skills. The order of writing is based on the area of ​​skill or job function. Its function is to display data according to the specific skills sought for the proposed job position. With a resume like this, you can boost your professional competence. This kind of resume is suitable for you if you have a career change, varied work history, or little work experience.

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3. Online resume

Now, jobs can be applied online. It is increasingly common for companies to receive resumes electronically or online for practical reasons and efficiency. You can find sample resume templates online easily on the internet. Some specific sites even provide a special account for uploading resumes. Companies can use the search system to search, filter, and manage resumes uploaded to these sites. You need to know the file format preferences your company has requested, such as whether the resume must be in Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML or ASCII documents.

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4. Video, infographics, or resume website

With the development of internet technology, companies can now request resumes in informative forms such as video formats, infograhics, blogs, or personal sites. This was especially requested by companies in the creative and media industries. This multimedia resume trend can be a plus for those of you who have skills in the creative industries.


What SHOULD be in a simple resume template

1. A clear and classic structure

A good resume template has a clear structure so that people who see it can get information quickly and straightforwardly. Good simple resume templates have classic and structured template characteristics, can be full-page layout, minimalistic, single column outline, emposing readability, bold clean formatting, or simple a template which encourages robust career history.

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2. Highlighting personal branding

In this modern era, you have to compete with people who have varied skills and work experience. However, for the position you are applying for, it is usually filled with people with similar experiences. To differentiate you from others, your resume must make personal branding stand out. You can choose a template that has a unique accent or structure that can be customized so that it is more personal but still professional.


What SHOULD NOT be in a simple resume template

1. Do not have a clear resume style

As stated earlier, there are various resume styles. Templates that are not clear what style you want to take will confuse people who read them.

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2. Displaying too much information

Don’t give more information than the company asks. Avoid writing unnecessary things even though it really is your achievement. Keep it clear and concise.

3. Too much decorations

Resume must be completely clean of all decoration trinkets that are not important. For that reason, you can display it in a portfolio, not a resume.

Resume templates psd templates

Simple Resume Ideas

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Simple Resume Example

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