Do you ever hear about the silent auction bid sheet? Well, the sheet of silent auction bid is the template that in common is used in charitable in making events to raise money in generous purposes. In common, this sheet is only a piece of paper displaying items to bid.

Of course, this sheet is important and useful for the auction activities. By using this sheet, the bidder does not need to talk. They just need to show the document including their amount of bid. That is why this sheet is called as the silent one.

Well, in this occasion, we will talk about some matters inside the details of silent auction bid sheet. By knowing the detail of the sheet, of course you will get more knowledge about it. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some explanations below.

Kinds of Silent Auction Bid Sheet

As we have said before, the bid sheet of silent auction is an important document, especially for the auction in making donation. However, before talking more about the detail of silent auction bid sheet, there are some kinds of it that you also need to know.

There are some kinds of the sheet to know, as:

  • Association silent auction bid sheet
  • Donation silent auction bid sheet
  • Event silent auction bid sheet
  • Item description silent auction bid sheet
  • Landing silent auction bid sheet
  • Raffle silent auction bid sheet
  • Registration silent auction bid sheet
  • Silent auction bid master list
  • And others

Seeing the points as above, we may see that there are some kinds of the sheet of silent auction bid to know. As we have said before, knowing the kinds of sheet is important, so you will be able to make the most appropriate sheet as your need.

How to Make Good Silent Auction Bid Sheet?

Some points as above tell that the sheet of silent auction bid is an important document, especially in the process of donation. Of course, to make a successful auction, you need to know how to make this document.

There are some ways that you may do in making it, as:

  • Open the new document. Here, you are able to use the Microsoft Word
  • Then, write the title of document. Here, it will be good when you add the logo of the organization and other relevant details
  • After it, insert some basic information. The information to add inside the document is name of person offering the item, market value, the opening bid, the closing bid and others.
  • Click on the insert option and select the table.

Tips in Using the Silent Auction Bid Sheet

After making this kind of sheet, there are some tips that you also need to know in using it. Knowing the tips is important, so you are able to use it in line with its function.

Well, some tips to know in making this sheet are:

  • It will be better idea to design the separate sheet for the different items
  • The title of the document should be same with the name of item
  • Add the name of company as the letterhead of the document

That is all about the silent auction bid sheet. You may do some researches in order to find the appropriate sheet.


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