Service Operations Resume Sample job description has responsibility to do functional production service in the organization and company. This includes providing the management of the production and consumption plan for customers in the first place. The person needs to have excellent understanding in the business management.

Service Operations Resume Sample

Brian Wincherston

2244 BreakBlack Valley, Sahuarita, AZ, 85008, Phone: +1 (480) 602-4478




Sahuarita, AZ

03/2017 – present

  • Manage the Change Management and capable to handle it well
  • Works with Design Management and Product System Management
  • Can provide upgraded services from the management
  • Can lead the growth of the business in the market area based on the regulations
  • Can improve the performance and manage the global incidents
  • Do resiliency reporting and manage the management practices very well
  • Can be the influencer by using pragmatic approach and understand the audience of the product projects and plan
  • Have analytical mind that capable to run the team and organization
  • Challenge the functional managers to improve better service in the market area
  • Can track the record and analyze the risk of the projects, as well as do the audit
  • Manage the global IT service for customers



Mitchell, SD

08/2013 – 02/2017

  • Work with Production Management Analysts team
  • Assist the projects and capable to identify the focus of the area
  • Assist the training and programs that have been held for them
  • Capable to work with good communication to various departments
  • Can work with Release Management and Transition Management harmoniously
  • Involve in the project improvement
  • Can execute the trouble that happen in the management through Key Operating Procedures
  • Provide active performance to customers and help to rise up the service for them



Vermillion, SD

10/2008 – 07/2013

  • Can communicate and manage customers, build good relations with vendors and providers, and provide efficient project strategy and management for clients and partners
  • Can monitor the system and assist the service performance
  • Help to lift up the level of the service agreement
  • Can conduct the analysis of the system and management in the business projects
  • Do updates and configuration to the databases
  • Handle the schedule basis and provide the real time documentation
  • Manage the report and provide the outage of the projects
  • Work with team and capable to identify the focus
  • Improve the performance and service of the marketplace




Bachelor’s Degree in Construction and Operations Management



  • Have great leadership and can lead the industry forum
  • Proficient in more than one language; English, French, and Spanish
  • Can design the program and establish the skills
  • Can work effectively and with optimism
  • Good interpersonal skills and work with passion
  • Can develop the management business
  • Able to work with multi-tasks
  • Work with details
  • Can solve the problems and put attention in details
  • Can offer and provide solutions for projects
  • Can work with team and build up good teamwork with team members
  • Capable to work as individual

Service Operations Resume Sample

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