Senior construction project manager resume sample job description is to be responsible of all phases in construction. Those phases range from planning, scheduling, to managing the design as well as construction process. Other than that, the senior manager will have to secure management support to meet the budgets and goals. Of course, one has to oversee the progress until the plan is all done.

Raeliana Magnessa

865 Connelly Islands, Phoenix, AZ, Phone: +1 (555) 470 4451


                                                New York, NY

                                                10/2015 – present

  • Come up with action plans for the purpose of meeting the objectives, budget, and schedule for the project
  • Make identification of the delivery resources from either the pre-qualified lists or the qualification process
  • Make reviews of the direct cost payment requisitions as well as budget status allocated for the project
  • Lead the proposal and project execution teams with good leadership skills and reliability
  • Write proposals and develop them as necessary for the needs of the construction project
  • Take proper care of the project management as well as the technical direction of the project


Chicago, IL

09/2012 – 06/2015

  • Deal with the all facets of project management properly, from the budget to the quality and risk
  • Make sure of the accuracy, timeliness, and coordination of the project data integrity and documentation
  • Have the change management routines implemented for the need to assess the change requests and many more
  • Apply the knowledge of project management within context and demonstrate it in the field
  • Make proper management and maintenance of the official project records from budgets to maintenance
  • Make sure of minimal impact by overseeing the field activities during the construction process


Detroit, MI

07/2009 – 06/2012

  • Come up with plans, preparations, and analyses of document to manage the construction contracts
  • Work together with the clients by meeting regularly to come up with ideas and progress further
  • Provide assistance in crafts, disciplines, and subcontractor as necessary for the project
  • Oversee the management within the company and contribute something for the development and construction
  • Take part in the public meetings and presentations to broaden knowledge and help with clients’ needs
  • Take good care of personal matters, workload, contracts, and practices to ensure the safety of the one going


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture and Management


  • Excellent skills of verbal and written form of communications to provide reliable and courteous service to customers
  • Decent skills in Microsoft Office Suite to make Ms projects, leases, contracts, construction practices and more for the needs
  • Great capability in planning and organizing to have the course of action established for the sake of accomplishing the goals
  • Fine ability to take care of all aspects regarding the construction projects as effective and efficient as possible
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of contract, corporate, industry practice, process, standard, and other related things
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