How to Write a Proper Security Services Agreement

A security services agreement is a standard contractual agreement someone may enter into when you hire a security guard for the enterprise. It can be for ongoing work or one-time job. Anyway, it is very important that you are able to write its template properly. So, let’s discuss it further here.

The Complexities of a Security Service Agreement

Before your company contracts a security guard, there are some actions that you will need to do to reduce the risk of your own business to the legal exposure. There are at least 3 actions here. First of all, you have to review the license of the agency.

A legitimate agreement guard agency should provide a copy of business license. After it is provided, you should contact your agency that deals with the license in order to validate it. This is very important to ensure the solvency of the company.

For the second action required, you will need to get a liability insurance certificate. Therefore, you will be able to lay out the requirements of your company for contractors insofar as the liability of the employer, liability of excess, general liability and also compensation of the workers are concerned.

Those requirements must be non-negotiable. Besides that, they also ideally let you to be included on the insurance policy of the contractor. So, you will be able to file a claim against it if needed. Anyway, this is a very important act that can reduce the risk of legal exposure.

The last action needed is to insert a defense & indemnification clause. Sometimes, it refers to hold harmless language. This clause means to secure the business from legal actions that stem from negligence on the part of the guard contractor. If it occurs, it can be that the guard company is liable.

The Provisions of a Security Services Agreement

If you want to write a security company agreement, you have to make sure to include the following provisions. First, this agreement must include the parties involved. In this provision, you have to mention the name of each party as clear as possible.

After that, you have to state the type of security service provided. For example, it can be building security, executive protection, patrol, etc. The next provision is time of completion where it indicates the time where the security service takes place and it they will be ongoing basis or one-time only.

Writing a security service agreement template also requires you to include equipment. It indicates what tool that will be provided by the parties. The next is firearms. It indicates whether firearms should be included as the part of security. If so, you have to state the type of it.

Contract for Security Service Arrangement
Managed Security Services Agreement
Security Guards Service Agreement Simple Security Service Agreement

Lastly, you cannot forget to include payment & other expenses in the security service agreement. This provision specifies the method of payment, the policy of reimbursement, and also any other expense. If you still need more references, you can find the template samples easily on internet.

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