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A poster is a large printed document that often contains pictures and is displayed in a public area to inform or promote something. Posters can also be displayed for room decoration purposes, for example a bedroom. There are various kinds of posters such as informative posters, movies, posters, to scientific posters.

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Scientific posters are defined as visual representations of research data. The data are neatly arranged into an easy to understand format. As with other posters, a good scientific poster must be easy to digest the information in just a few minutes. So, the most important thing in making scientific posters is to make sure that your posters are logical, consistent, and well-designed.


Parts of a scientific poster

A research is divided into several clear chapters and sections. Scientific poster too. Make posters with clear sections such as the background section, research objectives, research methodology, research results, and research recommendations. Usually, scientific posters will have 4 to 8 sections divided into 3 or 4 columns. However, this figure does not absolutely apply to all scientific posters. Keep watching the form of your research to determine the layout of your scientific poster.

What SHOULD be in a scientific poster template

When designing a scientific poster, choose a template that already has the following criteria:

1. Simple background

Because scientific posters focus on data and writing, the poster background must only be white or a very subtle gradient or pattern. This is intended so as not to distract the information written on the poster. Moreover, if the poster contains pictures, tables or charts that are important to understand.

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2. Able to make information on the stand out poster

The parts of a scientific poster must be able to attract the attention of the reader. Therefore, choose one that is able to highlight the section headings.

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3. Good and neat resolution

All the images you need for the scientific poster should have the same size and resolution so that when arranged on the poster they are neat. Low resolution templates are not good when printed because they can appear blurry.


What SHOULD NOT be in a scientific poster template

1. Don’t choose a design that is too crowded

A scientific poster template that is too busy will make it difficult for people who read it to understand the information in the poster later. It usually takes only a minute or two for a person to look at a poster, so by that time, your poster should be understandable to them.

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2. Use a font that is difficult to read

Not only scientific posters, all posters are required to use a font that is easy to read. Moreover, posters must be readable from a distance (at least from a distance of 2 meters).

Use at least two types of fonts, nothing more, for the title / headings and body text. You can take advantage of good quality Google Fonts. The advantage of Google Fonts compared to other fonts is that it is free for commercial use.

The following is a combination of Google Fonts that you can apply to your scientific posters:

  • Bree Serif – Open Sans
  • Montserrat – Domine
  • Amaranth – Titilium Web
  • Libre Baskerville – Montserrat
  • Quattrocento – Quattrocento Sans
  • Nunito – Open Sans

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Scientific Poster Design Ideas

scientific poster psd templates

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Scientific Poster Ideas

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scientific poster in photoshop

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