School Social Worker job description is responsible to provide counseling for kids and students in the school, able to give pshycho-social service, and create programs and implementation for them in the scale of macro to micro level. This job is also responsible for giving mental health experts, as well as emotional developments and being leaders of the social environment in the school community.

Harris Morris

3647 Rookwood Mount, Atlanta, GA, 30627, Phone: +1 (229) 765- 8857



                                                Atlanta, GA

                                                09/2015 – present

  • Provide School social worker resume sample with excellent contents and experiences
  • Give facilities for students, teachers, and staff that related to social psychology relationship
  • Provide and create positive workshop for students, teachers, and staff
  • Give firm commitment to school and give best support to students, teachers, and staff
  • Being responsible to create and run counseling in a regular time
  • Provide group and individual counseling sessions for students, and school members
  • Have great communication skills and able to lead community
  • Being responsible to give best social service resources to students and school community
  • Capable to give fast response, easy and quick access for students and school members



Columbus, GA

12/2009 – 07/2015

  • Capable to create informative, beneficial, and positive information contents for students and school members to help them to get through problems, solve problems, and build more positive character
  • Responsible to create programs that provides positive learning process
  • Capable to create and provide services and classroom support for all school members level including students, teachers, and staff for special educations
  • Responsible for providing 1:1 as well as small group for special positive educations learning
  • Can present individuals teach and group for students to learn positive education
  • Capable to maintain and establish great communication between students, school, and parents
  • Capable to give consultations for all round school’s members including staff, students, and others
  • Provide social works and learning social personal managements for students
  • Can complete assessments and create interventions plans that helps to identify students behavior and tendency



Nashville, TN

03/2007 – 08/2009

  • Joins in team and get the responsibility to give beneficial and helpful programs for students in school
  • Help the team and the stakeholders, the members of the school, and the parents to understand about students’ development
  • Can coordinate with the school staff especially those work to give educational subjects to students
  • Join and take part to student’s education through socially and emotionally
  • Can coordinate with school programmers to give certain significant information such as sex educations, drugs consumption, bullying behavior, and violence prevention
  • Help to create education about rising awareness to students to certain topics such as alcohol, gang, personal issue and more
  • Help and provide consultation that helps students to solve their problems and to develop their character
  • Give support for students, school members and staff



                                               Bachelor’s Degree in College of Education & Human Development



  • Have strong will and capable to do verbal and written communication
  • Have great communication skills and capable to build networking relationship
  • Have great understanding about School Social program
  • Understand about a lot of events, projects, and fireworks that related to School Social program
  • Easy going and can adapt to new environment fast
  • Sociable and able to work with individuals, teams, or independent
  • Can do multi – task and work under pressure
  • Capable to work on time
  • Have great analyzing skills and able to solve problem
  • Able to find creative ideas and solve problem
  • Ready to take risk
  • Have excellent organizational skills
  • Work with orientation and detail
  • Set goal achievement
  • Can adapt to new regulations, procedures, and standard quickly


School Social Worker Resume template

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