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What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a communication tool used by public relations staff to provide information about a company or organization. Newsletters can contain information about products, people involved in the manufacture of products, and other information that can help the public regarding the business affairs of the company or organization. Newsletters are usually sent regularly so that those who subscribe to or who need information are informed about developments in company or organization information.

school newsletter in psd design

What are the common functions of a newsletter?

  1. Disseminate information about the sustainability of a company or organization so that it attracts internal and external public attention
  2. Build and maintain good relationships between the company and the general public
  3. Build a brand so that the public is familiar with the company or organization and always wants to know their activities
  4. Shows goodwill from the management of the company or organization

school newsletter psd templates

What is a school newsletter?

School newsletter is a bulletin released by schools, either by teachers or students, which contains the latest information about activities held by the school.

What to write in a school newsletter?

You can write about activities held by schools or students such as school cleaning service days, Kartini Day flag ceremonies, independence day competitions, to the implementation of the Semester Final Examinations.

How to make a newsletter for school

1. Determine the newsletter theme

Make the main outline of what will be discussed in the school newsletter

2. Determine the format of the newsletter

Newsletters can be printed or electronic. A printed newsletter can be distributed free of charge to students and parents. Meanwhile, an electronic newsletter can be sent to the e-mail of people who have subscribed to your newsletter.

school newsletter psd

3. Determine the format for writing the newsletter

Generally, the format of writing a newsletter is in the form of news and features.

4. Determine the target public and the purpose of publishing the newsletter

Find out what is relevant and currently needed by the target audience of the newsletter. In the case of school newsletters, the targets are teachers, students, and parents.

5. Publish regularly

Be consistent in publishing the newsletter; whether weekly or monthly.

6. Prioritize content first, then appearance

Content is the main attraction of a newsletter. After that, then decorate the newsletter with a good appearance. Use free newsletter templates that are well-designed and neat as a reference.

school newsletter templates psd

7. Cite reliable sources

When creating content, cite reliable sources so that the information conveyed is correct.

8. Consider reader responses as input for future content

Analyze reader responses to newsletters that are made to make future content more relevant.

Free School Newsletter Templates

Here you can download, modify, print, or publish your school newsletter template for free. Some examples include:

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  • And many more!

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School Newsletter Templates Design Ideas

school newsletter psd templates

school newsletter customizable psd design templates

School Newsletter Templates Ideas

school newsletter example psd design

school newsletter in photoshop

school newsletter in photoshop

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