School Cornell Note and how to make it impressive to read

The school Cornell note is one of the important part in the school. This one is developed by Dr. Walter Pauk of Cornell University where it is commonly used for noting in the material from a lecture or reading. Besides, this one is also usually used for reviewing and retaining the material without any difficulties.

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You will get more advantages when you apply this note way because it can help you to organize the note very well. This one also will actively involve you to create of knowledge. Besides, this note also will improve your study skill and it also will help you to lead to academic success. You can follow some tips below to make it impressive.

How to create school Cornell note with the best arrangement

The first step for you to make this School Cornell Note template is preparing the notepaper. In this part, you can devote the notepaper solely to your Cornell-style notes. Whether you use this notebook or loose the sheet, you can keep together in binder that you want to get the satisfaction arrangement of the note.

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After that, you can draw horizontal line across the bottom portion of the paper. This line should be approximately one-fourth for the way up of the page. This one is about two inches from the bottom. Next, you will use the section to summarize any notes for your own notes. This idea will make the people easy to understand your note.

How to make school Cornell note easy to read

If you have finished drawing the horizontal line, you can draw a vertical line down the left section of your paper. This line also should approximately two and a half inches from the left edge of the pages. The space will make the people easy understanding for reviewing the notes with the simple way.

Next, you can leave the largest section of the page as the area to take note from your lecturer or your reading. In this section, you should leave plenty of space of record important points. You can use the internet to search about the best template of this school Cornell note form to make the people easy to use the note.

Write the detailed information of your school Cornell note

In addition, if you have finished drawing the horizontal and vertical line, you can write the course name, the date, and the lecture or reading topic at the top of the page. It is important for you to do consistently because it will help you to keep your note organized and it will be easier to know and understand about the note.

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After that, you can take note in the largest section of the page. In this section, you can take note your school Cornell note when you are listening to your lecture or reading the text. In this part, it is also important for you to include any information that the lecture or the teacher writing on the board or showing the slideshow on the class.

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